Women’s purchasing power of used cars for sale

May 2021

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It is often said that the world of motoring is primarily a man’s domain. That cars are mostly appreciated by the “boys who love their toys” and that women take a backseat, so to speak, when it comes to making new or used cars for sale purchasing decisions. In our modern age, this is hogwash! We experience daily how women enjoy taking steer of their own, as well as their families’ motoring lives.
Staying clear of stereotyping
At Citton Cars, we prefer not to distinguish between “used cars for sale for women” and “used cars for sale for men”. Our clientele is equally of both genders, with individuals approaching our dealerships with a distinct mix of requirements. Women, same as with our male buyers, enjoy powerful and versatile used cars and they don’t shy away from the heftier models such as SUVs and bakkies. With both genders, there is no real difference other than what their particular used cars for sale needs are.
We have come to realise, however, that women are the more prudent shoppers when it comes to used cars for sale. They tend to do their research well before contacting us and they know exactly what they want. Showing them extra features such as more cabinet space or extra hooks in the boot for shopping bags are foolish and even patronising. We present our used cars for sale in the best way possible and then leave it up to the buyer to decide what is best for her.
Improving on the experience
It is a shame women all over the world still report poor experiences at dealerships. They tend to be treated as inferior in what is considered to be a male-dominated environment – even if they have the driving skills and knowledge of someone like the late Sabine Schmitz. As a result, women may bring a male friend or partner along to interact with the sales personnel when they want to purchase a car.
At Citton Cars, we don’t make any exception to how we treat to our clients. We approach each buyer with respect, with our managers putting a lot of stock into creating the perfect customer experience. Our aim is to earn customer loyalty – from our female and male customers alike – instead of making the proverbial quick buck.
Our customer service extends to the online experience. As mentioned, women like to do proper research on used cars for sale before they make any purchasing commitments. Our website is compiled in such a way that you can see our extended selection of used cars for sale in only a few clicks. The interactive filters, together with clear photos and descriptions aim for a rewarding search experience.
What cars are South African women driving?
For fun, we did some research on the type of car makes our female compatriots search when doing their online investigations. AutoTrader SA compiled a list of the top ten most searched cars by women drivers in 2019.
The results are very interesting, to say the least.
Right at the top and winner of the most popular search is Toyota Hilux! If ever there was a stereotype-busting story, this one is it. Gone is the typical image of a female driver in a small hatchback or sedan. In South Africa, we celebrate powerful and in control women! Toyota’s popularity does not end with its bakkie. Placed fifth on the list is the Fortuner – a car of luxury that takes occupants off the beaten track and into the wilderness. This goes to show that the South African woman does not wait for an adventure to happen. She tackles it head-on. Citton Cars has a wide range of used Toyota cars for sale, where you are sure to find a Hilux or Fortuner waiting to become your ticket to freedom.
Volkswagen comes in strong by placing second place with its popular Polo, seventh place with its Golf, and tenth place with the Polo Vivo. It is a well-known fact that the endearing Volkswagen brand tops the sales records year after year. Our prudent female shoppers know a good thing when the see it. Especially the new generation Polo Vivo is sure to tick every bullet on her list, from being a small car equipped with more digital features than any other in its category to intuitive safety and technology elements. Volkswagen has geared their models for the intelligent driver and thus speaks directly to our female populace. Check out Citton Cars’ full range of used Volkswagen cars for sale.
No list is complete without a trustworthy Ford. In third place comes the Ford Ranger – surprise, surprise, another bakkie! An interesting fact is that the Ford Ranger is built in South Africa and as women tend to be loyal to the brands they love, it makes sense that this car will be on their motoring must-have list. The Ford Ranger is also exported to countries to various European countries, as well as New Zealand and Australia, contributing to global market share. If you love this car as much as we do, search for it on Citton Cars’ used Ford cars for sale link.
BMW is synonymous with “sheer driving pleasure”. Women enjoy speed as much as their male counterparts. So, fourth on our most popular searches pops-up the BMW 3 Series, with the BMW 1 Series hot on its wheels in the eight position. Many women are also taking to the motoring racing scene. Beitske Visser is a German racer and figurehead for BMW Motorsport. She says that she does not care for conventions and that she is in it to win. Harness this competitive spirit with one of our used BMW cars for sale.
Sixth on our search list is the elegant Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This executive car speaks to a woman’s appreciation of beauty and flair. The C-Class comes in a sedan, coupe and cabriolet style, and the fourth-generation model sounds like it was made for women by women. It includes “Energising Comfort” features such as massaging seats, climate control and special lighting to reduce your stress levels behind the wheel. Apparently, there is a mode that imitate a walk along the beach. To maintain the mood of relaxation that Mercedes-Benz so effortlessly gifts with their engineering, you only need to click here to see the used cars for sale we have to offer at Citton Cars.
Lastly and ninth on the list is the audacious Audi A3. The makers of Audi know all too well that to achieve excellence, one has to be courageous and have a big heart. No even in South Africa’s history shows more hearth than when twenty thousand women marched in 1956 to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country’s pass laws. With this act they changed our country’s legislative landscape, laying the groundwork for a future set in equal rights to all citizens of our beautiful country. Look for a used Audi car for sale here.
At Citton Cars, we salute our women!