Are You Looking at Used Bakkies for Sale?

May 2021

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So, you have decided to purchase a family-friendly bakkie as your next car. But which one brand will you choose? And will a single cab or double cab be a better fit for your family – and pocket? In this article, we will attempt to help you find the perfect used bakkie for sale fit for you!
First things first, you will have to decide if you want a single cab or a double cab bakkie. Both these vehicles were manufactured with specific purposes in mind, so if this will be a work car, make sure you take this in mind.
The main difference between a single cab and a double cab bakkie is the space available in the cabin of the car. Where a single cab is only able to accommodate a driver and passenger, a double cab bakkie has a backseat that offers extra space for more people or additional items. The loading bin (the back of the bakkie) is bigger on a single cab than on a double cab, which means there is a bigger space for items to be loaded on the single cab bakkie.
Choosing between a single cab or double cab
To decide which type of bakkie will better suit your needs, you need to take the following into account:

  • What do you need the bakkie for? This is a personal preference, and the answer will be completely up to you.
  • How much space do you need? If you are using it for personal use, do you need more space for a family?
  • Which cab type is the more popular one? Sometimes, it helps to know what everyone else prefers so you know what you are buying is a good choice – everyone else is also driving it!
  • What is in your budget? It does not help to buy above your means. You need to be able to cover everything that goes along when buying a used bakkie – single or double cab.

While 2020 was undoubtedly a difficult year for all, used bakkies for sale saw an increase in the number of units sold. Reports show used bakkies are in the top three places of vehicles sold each year.
Bakkies were made to be the workhorses of the industry, but they have surely turned into lifestyle choices for most South Africans – especially double cabs. It is not surprising then to find that “used bakkies for sale” is one of the most searched for terms on the Internet.
The Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger are the two most popular used bakkies for sale according to various reports, followed by the Volkswagen Amarok and Isuzu KB.
In the single cab section, we see Hilux still being a consumer favourite in the used bakkies for sale category, followed by Isuzu D-MAX, Mahindra Pik Up and the Ford Ranger.
Are you interested in buying a used bakkie for work? Here is what you need to look out for before making a purchase:

  • Choosing right: The bakkie should last for many years while managing a heavy load and without breaking down. Do not focus too much on fuel consumption if you will not have a lot of extra maintenance expenses.
  • Engine design: Modern engines are not simple and might require expensive maintenance costs. Rather look for used bakkies for sale with simple engines which you will be able to work on yourself should it break down.
  • Petrol or diesel: Diesel engines use about 20% less fuel than petrol engines, but they are more expensive overall as the time between servicing is less.
  • Wheels: Luxury bakkies are fitted with alloy wheels, but this will not necessarily be helpful if the bakkie is used for heavy work-related purposes.
  • Load area: If bakkie is to be used for work, ensure that the load area is free of any obstructions.
  • Off-road ability: If the bakkie is going to be used for work, it is important to know if the bakkie has four-wheel drive available, especially if it will be driven in uneven terrains.

When thinking of purchasing a used bakkie for your personal use, here is a checklist you can complete beforehand:

  • These cars were made to last, so do not put too much thought into the mileage of the bakkie. What is important to look at is the service history; make sure it is up to date with its maintenance, as this can tell you the actual condition of the bakkie.
  • What will the bakkie be used for – work or leisure? If you want it for work you need to ensure that the body of the bakkie is in good condition, and if it will be for leisure the inside of the bakkie should be impeccable.
  • What do you need the bakkie to do? Are you going on 4×4 trips or will it mostly be used in city areas? If you plan to go on 4×4 excursions, it is important that you are able to add anything you need later, like winches, snorkels, roof racks or crossbars, and so forth.
  • Take note that bakkies are fuel-hungry and that fuel consumption will be a major expense.

In conclusion, before you invest in a used bakkie, first ask yourself what you will be using it for – work or for personal use. Once you’ve answered this question, you can begin to look at all the other aspects to ensure that you get the perfect bakkie for you!