Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Sell a Car

Jan 2022

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Whether you have been eyeing a new car for some time or are just looking for an upgrade to your outdated model, now is the perfect time to sell your car. With the market price of used cars for sale being quite high, it might not be a buyer’s market, but it is definitely a seller’s market.

If you are looking to earn more money on your used car and sell it for almost the same market price due to factors like inflation and interest rates, now is the time. Here are a few reasons why it is the perfect time to sell your used car for sale and visit Citton Cars to see what we have available for you.

Prices have increased

Car prices have never been higher historically than they currently are. Since 2020, car prices have increased by a whopping 10% . This means that even though you are selling your used car for sale at a lower price, you may be able to get quite close to the original market value of the car. Now is the time to enjoy it while it lasts because what goes up, must come down.

While this might mean that it isn’t the greatest time to buy a car, it certainly does mean that it is the best time to sell your used car. You can get a higher price for your used car and, in turn, visit Citton Cars to purchase the used car of your dreams. You can also head straight to Citton Cars to sell your car and use it as credit to purchase the vehicle you have always wanted.

Car prices might drop in the future

While a drop in prices might be good for buying cars, they aren’t necessarily great if you want to sell your used car. Now is a great time to sell your car because the market prices haven’t dropped too much but there is an indication that it will be dropping slowly in the near future.

The increase in prices has slowed from 10.5% in June 2021 to 0.2% in July 2021. While there is still a slight increase in prices, the speed at which it is increasing has decreased drastically.

Before the prices go down, decide when you want to sell your car and for what amount. You could risk losing 10% of the car’s value if you decide to wait! Besides, by the time you sell your car, the market may be perfect for buying and you can find yourself a great car for an even better price.

Citton Cars has stock for you!

Citton Cars has got you covered whether you are looking to sell or buy a car. Not only can we buy your car from you, but we also have a huge amount of stock available for you to find the car that suits your needs and makes your dreams come true.

You may need a used car for sale that will better accommodate you for long-distance work trips, or perhaps you are looking for the perfect family car. Either way, we have something for you.

Dealerships or private buyers?

You may also be wondering whether selling to a private dealer or a dealership is the better option. We are here to put you at ease. Selling to a private buyer can be risky because some may take the opportunity to lowball you into accepting unrealistically low offers. It also means that you have less control in terms of holding buyers accountable. If they are paying you off in instalments, you must make sure that you will receive your money regularly and on time.

However, if you are selling your car to a dealership like Citton Cars, we can guarantee a safe, trustworthy, and timely transaction, because we are able to get you the money your car deserves as soon as possible. Not only that, but you can decide to use that money as credit to buy a new used car for sale at our dealership.

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that now is the time to sell your car. You can start your journey to buying a new used car at our dealerships in Pretoria. Simply visit one of our branches in either Gezina or Menlyn if you want to speak to one of our friendly team members about the possibility of selling your car and buying a new one.

We can’t wait to see you!