How to Get WesBank Car Finance

Dec 2021

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We have all been there. You want a new car, but you aren’t sure whether you are ready to make such a big purchase. Luckily for you, Citton Cars has got you covered. Not only do we sell used cars, but we also sell them at affordable prices. You won’t get a raw deal out of us because we have your best interests at heart.

We know how difficult the car market can be and we are here to offer you the best advice pertaining to the new and used buyer market. Instead of worrying about how you are going to afford a new car, it might be time to switch your sights to a used car. At Citton Cars, we offer a wide variety of used cars for sale that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Whether you need a luxury motor or simply a small car to get you where you need to be, we have something for you.

Why Pre-owned is Better

Once you have set your sights on the used car market, instead of getting bogged down by the idea of getting a new car, you can move on to choosing the right car for you. People often worry that buying pre-owned cars will shorten the life span of the car and they will get less value for their money. This is far from the truth.

Pre-owned cars are mostly the better option when buying a car. You get to avoid all of the extra costs, you get a better price on a car that may be practically new, and you get to use Citton Cars financing to help you afford it.

Now that you have changed gears, we have to figure out what your budget is. How much money are you willing to spend on a car? What do you need the car for? Which cars do you like? These three factors will all come into play when you consider which used car you want to invest in. Take a moment to consider these elements before diving in head-first.

Once you have all of the information, you can make a calculated and informed decision as to which car you want to buy and what your budget looks like. Head over to our car finance calculator to determine an accurate estimate of the monthly payments of the car. From here, we can start talking about Citton Finance.

Citton Finance

Citton Cars has teamed up with WesBank to fast-track your car financing. We are approved by all major banks to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. You also don’t have to wait months to get approved for car financing. At Citton Cars, it takes less than 45 minutes. You can walk into any one of our two dealerships, choose a car, apply for financing, and walk out with a pre-owned car in under an hour.

Once you have chosen a car and calculated the monthly instalment, you can apply for vehicle finance on the Citton Cars website. A Citton Cars business manager will contact you to finalise the paperwork and then you are good to go!

How to Finance Your Car

When financing your car, all you need is ownership documents, registration papers, a copy of your ID, copy of your South African driver’s license, proof of residence, salary slips, bank statement, and proof of insurance. Once you have collected all of the information, you can apply with any of your choice.

You can also complete the online finance application which means that you don’t even have to visit our car dealership, although we would love to welcome you.

Refinancing Your Car

At Citton Cars, we also offer the option to refinance your car. You might be wondering whether it is complicated? The answer is no. Refinancing is an option designed for our customers. If your current instalment is too high or your interest rate is too high, we can refinance your car and set new goals that will help you meet your payments. You may even want to pay your car off faster, in which case, refinancing can help you do that.

At Citton Cars, we want all of our clients to be taken care of. This is why offering finance to our loyal clientele is our greatest pleasure. At the end of the day, we want you to drive out of our dealership with the car of your dreams.

Visit our website or come see us in person at our Gezina or Menlyn car dealership for more information and a closer look at our cars.