What You Need from a Used Bakkie

Jan 2022

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Whether you are a die-hard bakkie fan or still need some convincing, one thing is for sure – buying a used bakkie will change your life for the better. At Citton Cars, we have a wide range of used bakkies for sale that are guaranteed to satisfy all of your vehicle needs. But what are those needs? Why is living the used bakkie life better for you than simply sticking to your city car or hatchback? There are many reasons you may decide to drive a used bakkie and these will vary from person to person. You may use a bakkie for business purposes; you may want to invest in a bakkie so that you can take your family on road trips or camping trips without any difficulty. Whatever your reason, investing in a used bakkie at Citton Cars is a great decision. Here are reasons why you should be investing in a used bakkie:

Value for Money

Depending on what you need the bakkie for, you can invest in a double cab, Hilux, Ranger or any other bakkie that you might be interested in. Whether you are buying a bakkie to keep forever or have intentions of selling it at a later stage, the resale value on these used vehicles is far higher than with other cars, especially in South Africa because used bakkies are always in high demand. In addition to the resale value of these vehicles, they offer so much more than they are worth. When driving a used bakkie, you know you are driving a safe, spacious and efficient car.

Enough Space

The one amazing feature of used bakkies for sale is that they have ample space. Not only do they have more than enough space inside, but they also have an entire cargo bed that can be used for storing, transporting and moving objects and equipment. Whether you need to transport goods for your job or have a big family with various needs, a used bakkie is the perfect solution to your space concerns.

Sufficient Power

If you are travelling long distances or want to drive on some of the untraversed roads of South Africa, these vehicles are the perfect cars to show people who is boss on the roads. If you are opting for a Ranger or Hilux, these sturdy bakkies usually come with four cylinders and a powerful 2.8-litre engine so that you can drive with confidence.

A Focus on Safety

Because these used bakkies are sturdier and bigger than your average car, they offer more space between you and the ground and ensure your safety amongst other cars. Just remember that it is illegal to transport children in the back of a bakkie. If you use this car safely, it will keep you and your family protected and secure.

Improved Fuel-efficiency

While you might believe that bakkies are petrol guzzlers, they are relatively fuel-efficient for the amount of power you receive from these reliable vehicles. The Nissan Navara’s fuel consumption is 6.3 litres/100km which is very economical, especially with the ever-increasing petrol price.

Added Convenience

One of the best aspects of a used bakkie for sale is that it is extremely convenient. If you want to load the family and take a cross-country road trip, a used bakkie will never let you down. If you have to take the kids to and from school or extra-mural activities, you don’t have to worry about struggling to stuff a cricket bag or easel into your car. If you have to travel long distances for work or if you simply want a car that you can trust, buying a used bakkie from Citton Cars will be one of the best decisions you can make. Now that you know everything a used bakkie from Citton Cars has to offer you, it is time to visit one of our branches and purchase your used bakkie for sale! You can give us a call, email or visit us in-store at our Gezina or Menlyn dealership for more information and to browse what is available. If you are worried about financing your new purchase, don’t be, because at Citton Cars we have financing options available to all! You can even sell your old used car and gain credit to purchase the used bakkie of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to start enjoying a superior driving experience in a used bakkie from Citton Cars.