Vehicle Saftey Before And During the Easter Weekend

Apr 2014

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You owe it to your car when it comes to cleaning up your act – the Easter weekend is staring us in the eye – therefore it might be a good idea to service your car before the Easter weekend.

What you need to consider when servicing your car:

Give your car an oil change.
Renew the pollen filter.
Fit new wiper blades if your car needs these replacing.
Refresh the battery.
Check your tyre pressure.
Worn wiper blades can cause untold damage to the windscreen if they have disintegrated which could damage and scratch the glass therefore in the long haul can become an expensive mistake.
Most modern cars have a pollen filter which is an air filter for your cabin; the filter has been designed to collect impurities from soot to grime which enables the cabin of the car to remain pristinely clean and fresh at all times. Although these filters need to be changed every time your car is serviced – these are often overlooked, affecting you air con. Checking your pollen filter is an easy DIY task. In a nutshell changing a pollen filter can improve the air quality in the cabin dramatically, resulting in enhanced driving pleasure.

Here is a list of other items that need to be checked when hitting the road this Easter:

The correct tyre pressure is critical in ensuring vehicle stability especially when towing, yet many motorists rely solely on the petrol station gauges. Invest in an excellent quality gauge of your own – but always only check your tyres when they are cold.
Always pack in a fire extinguisher; many are usually clumsy and heavy, so look out for modern solutions such as the Fire Stryker which is a compact disposable unit that is easily activated.
If you don’t plan on packing lightly, it might be a great idea to invest in a trailer provided you’ve got a vehicle capable of towing. If you’re driving a student car, or a small car that’s not suited for towing it’s a better idea to look at a roof-rack to store luggage overhead.
Road tripping in South Africa is a tradition, therefore it is a good idea to make sure it’s a hassle-free trip by getting your car in order before you set out – remember that it is important to service your car before the Easter Weekend.