8 Road Trip Tips

May 2014

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Whether you are packing your roof box, car or trailer for that long-awaited road trip, how you do it will most certainly affect the overall vehicle performance and stability of your car. You need to take a couple of pointers into account when packing for that road trip.
First and foremost; Make sure you’ve had your car serviced by an approved and authorised workshop.

8 things you will need to take into account when packing for that road trip:

Ensure the tool kit for the vehicle is complete and that there is an inflated spare. If the nuts on your wheels are fitted locked nuts, you need to have the right tools to remove these should you get a flat tyre.
Whatever is packed inside your car needs to be secured (not unlike an airline) – because in the event of an accident, loose items can and will become fatal missiles. This is also why it is so important for passengers travelling in the back of the vehicle to be strapped in should there be an accident.
A roof rack or roof box is a worthwhile investment – but make certain that very heavy or bulky items are not stored in your the box.
If you are making use of a trailer, it has to be hitched correctly with the towing vehicle slightly nose down – pack the trailer so that the heavy articles are positioned over the axle toward the front of the car or vehicle towing the trailer.
All emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers, first aid kit as well as the spare tyre kit is close by. It is silly having to unpack everything to find something when you have an emergency.
Heavy items such as water and fuel need to be placed in such a way that they weight is evenly distributed should you be over-landing. The even distribution will ensure that the driver has more control over the vehicle.
Make sure that you have any emergency numbers at the ready such as your medical aid and insurance details.
If you are travelling outside the borders of South Africa, always have your passports at the ready as well as any licences, permits etc. and keep certified copies of all these in the event of an emergency
These are 8 useful tips to take into account when packing for that road trip. If you are planning on towing you need to be aware that a “B” licence does not allow you to tow anything larger than a  trailer and that you will need at least an “EB” licence if you would like to tow a caravan, boat or similar – anything in fact that is heavier than 750 kg.
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Have a pleasant trip.