“Telecommuting” – The office from your car

Mar 2014

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“Telecommuting” an office in your car requires self-discipline as well as applying all safety rules such as hands-free kits or Bluetooth.

But why telecommute from your car?

You can certainly save a small fortune especially if you ditch the four walls of an office and all the expensive trimmings that go hand-in-glove with running a conventional bricks and mortar operation.
Telecommuting is unquestionably the best part about the invention of the internet. But to go one step further, when running late for meetings etc, your trusty state-of-the-art GPS will ensure you arrive there well on time.
The nice thing about telecommuting an office in your car is that you can now experience mobile freedom as well as true business mobility.
This is a great way to stay connected with your business as well as your customers and clients anywhere, anytime.
Small and medium business operations spend a significant amount of time outside the office, on the road, in their cars or in coffee shops meeting with clients or monitoring their suppliers. Communication solutions and telecommuting an office in the car has become the norm for many budding as well as experienced entrepreneurs; but most importantly be sure to abide by the rules at all times by using your hands-free kits or your Bluetooth as SMS-ing while driving is a big no-no and could land you in hot water.
In today’s world, the foundation of a successful business is all about reliability, accessibility and integration. This means that being available anywhere anytime will limit down-time and ensure that your response times are elevated.

Are you a great candidate for running a business on the go?

Are you self-disciplined and able to work without any supervision or very little supervision whatsoever?
Does your boss view you as a perfect candidate that is able to work without supervision?
Are you a proven performer?
Do you time-manage well?
If you are able to answer yes to all these questions, then telecommuting an office in your car would prove to be a positive and successful experience.
Working from your car or home has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you are a self-starter or are self-disciplined, then this is the way forward for you. Don’t forget safety first though – either pull off the road altogether when taking calls or use your hands-free kit to ensure the safety of those around you.
So why not let us help you find the perfect car to run your business from?