Used Cars for Sale

Aug 2017

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The Best Used Cars for Sale in Pretoria are Right Here

For over 25 years, Pretorians have by and large come to know and trust Citton Cars. We are arguably the most famous, and definitely one of the most established, used-car dealerships in the city. In fact, you’ll find that we haven’t been resting on our laurels. Therefore, we challenge you to find another used-car dealership offering you such a complete suite of services and peace of mind. Citton Cars is a family business with the same owner since inception. We still have our original vision and mission – in short, to sell quality pre-owned cars in Pretoria at affordable prices.

Questioning Conventional Wisdom

Some things usually only come with age, and one of these is experience. Up to the present time, we have been offering used cars for sale for a long time. During that time, we have designed a service offering that calls into question the wisdom of buying a new car. Certainly, in tenuous times like these, you want to limit your financial exposure. Significantly, reducing debt is one of the ways in which to do this, especially when it comes to buying cars. It is important to realise that, unless you own a 50-year-old Ferrari, a car isn’t an investment, but an expense. Now consider that you can buy a 2-year-old luxury car for half the price of a new one. You would have to now agree that it would be foolish to buy a brand-new car. Especially since its value drops faster than an anvil off a cliff.
We should point out that there will always be scores of people buying all the new cars for sale. They are in search of the latest and the best, and we should be truly thankful. It means that there will always be a ready supply of used cars for sale for those with enough savvy. Savvy to realise that second-hand does in fact not have to mean second best. However, for the sceptical consumers out there, let us give you a few particularly convincing reasons for buying used. On the positive side, it might be the best financial decision you made all year.

Choice and Quality

Notably, we have over 200 used cars on our lot at any given time. These include the smallest econobox in addition to all manner of bakkies and panel vans in our Citton Commercial division. The car you are looking for will surely be here, and if it isn’t, we’ll find it for you. We go the extra mile, especially to remove all doubt in the quality of our used cars for sale. We certainly realise that a certain outmoded school of thought still holds that buying used is buying other people’s problems. That is chiefly why we offer you a standard, free, 30-day warranty on all the cars we sell. We also offer you the option to buy value-added products, such as unlimited warranties or service plans. Now you can enjoy warranty cover and peace of mind as if you did indeed buy a brand-new car.
Before a car leaves our premises, you will also be truly pleased to learn that it has passed a stringent 85-point DEKRA quality inspection. This is to be sure that it is free of latent defects, or structural or water damage. We give you a clean title guarantee to demonstrate that the odometer reading has not been altered. In particular, it also shows that the car has not been stolen and recovered, or salvaged. In fact, we do a standard HPI check (TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry) on every car before we can sell it. Our AA quality-assured and RMI-approved workshop checks every vehicle and cosmetically renew, with attention to detail. In other words, it is more akin to a new car than a used one – you would hardly be able to tell the difference!

Finance Available

Our financing options are manifold as well, including WesBank, MFC, Standard Bank, and Absa. Choose the best deal from one of these, and you could quickly be driving off with peace of mind. Knowing, that is, that you have saved a especially large amount of money in the process. Another key point is that you can trade in your car as well, or just sell it to us. With this in mind, you are under no obligation to buy a car from us just because we bought yours. If you want to buy a car from a private seller, we can facilitate the process at a reasonable fee. It will truly give you the peace of mind that does not usually accompany private sales.
Citton Cars only offers the best used cars for sale, so for quality and peace of mind, visit us today.