Used Cars for Sale

Sep 2017

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There are indeed thousands of used cars for sale at dealerships and in the classifieds, so where do you start? Certainly, some fly-by-night dealerships have tainted the reputation of the industry. As always, some people simply don’t play by the rules and honesty seems to be a scarce commodity. For this reason, you should perhaps consider what makes Citton Cars a used car dealership like no other. Yes, we offer over 200 used cars for sale on our lot, but that is not the only reason. We furthermore subscribe to a strict ethos, based on four non-negotiable pillars. To demonstrate our service offering, consider the four pillars on which our business is built:

Pillar 1: An Entrepreneurial Mindset Like no Other

In other words, we are not satisfied with the status quo and constantly research new ways to solve old problems. In fact, we never stop learning and constantly look for new and better ways to service our customers. We don’t just offer used cars for sale; we add value for our customers in many other ways too. To ensure you receive the best service, irrespective of the car you buy, we, surprisingly, pay all our salespeople the same. Therefore, they are incentivised to approach every deal the same way, with the customer as king.

Pillar 2: Teamwork Taken to the Next Level

To be sure that you get the best possible service, we make sure that we move and speak as one. Teamwork get things, surely as the sun comes up in the morning. Therefore, each team member’s strengths are leveraged to benefit our customers. In particular, our people listen to you and take into account your specific needs when buying a car. With teamwork comes trust and respect, because we don’t just deal in used cars for sale, we deal with people. Significantly, we have had the same owner, culture, and commitment to excellence for over 25 years. You certainly benefit from the accountability that comes from being a respected member of our industry for so long. Additionally, teamwork equals consistency. Consistency in service and consistency in quality.

Pillar 3: A Passion for What We Do Puts the Customer First

Unsurprisingly, mediocrity is commonplace. To be average is easy. We do not subscribe to either of these and you surely don’t have to accept them either. Indeed, the passion shines through, and we were the 2016 Best Independent Car Dealership of the Year. You will be truly amazed at the number of awards we have received over the years for our customer service. But you certainly don’t have to take our word for it, because the most compelling evidence is in the pudding. Visit us and experience the contagious energy and service with a smile.

Pillar 4: Exceeding Your Expectations Every Time

In general, people are happy when they have their expectations met. However, to clarify our position, we explicitly seek to exceed your expectations. We frequently remind ourselves that we are here because of you, and going the extra mile is what we do. From the number of used cars for sale on our lot, to our financing options and warranties, we exceed your expectations. Never again settle for the mediocre; let us offer you more.

Where to From Here?

To Citton Cars in Gezina, that is where. In order to view the most comprehensive selection of used cars for sale in Pretoria, visit us today. While you browse our vehicles, we can inspect yours and make you an offer. You can accept it whenever you are ready, because you have seven days to think about it. Subsequently, upon acceptance, we will need your up-to-date registration documents, ownership papers, and ID. In order to get you the best financing offer, we apply with WesBank, MFC, Standard Bank, and Absa. We can also offer you a selection of warranties, in case you want that extra peace of mind. Inasmuch as maintenance and repairs are concerned, our on-site Bosch Service Centre has you covered. As you can see, we have the products and the services, right here.
Contact us today for far more than just the best quality used cars for sale in Pretoria.