Getting the best from your Test Drive

Jul 2017

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The internet is a magnificent thing, it has changed consumer behaviour, but it also has its shortcomings. Buying a new car now starts on the web, while it might save time, you should at least go for a test drive. You’ve done all your research, compared models and opinions, but one thing is missing: user experience.
A car is so much more than a machine that gets you from A to B. And buying one shouldn’t be an impulse decision. There are many things you need to consider, not just facts and figures. What do you want? What’s your budget? Which features are important to you? Etc.

Before taking a test drive

Once the research is complete, make a list of your top three vehicle choices, then schedule your test drives back-to-back, this way, you can make a proper comparison.
When buying second hand, a dealership with a wide variety will most likely have your options on the floor. Consider inviting a friend, or if you’re looking for a family car, bring the kids along. It’s best to get their opinions during the test drive, rather than the next trip to Durban.
Take a list of questions along to the dealership so that you don’t forget to ask them. Walk around the car, look at it, see if you like the real thing as much as the pictures. Is the boot space sufficient to your needs?

Inside the car

How easy is it to get in and out? Touch everything. Feel the buttons and the controls, see if it’s comfortable for you to reach. Move the seat and mirrors and possibly the steering wheel so that you can see if the car fits you. Look at cupholders, storage space, or whatever your daily requirements might be. Look around, to assess whether visibility is good. If you can’t see, check if there are cameras or blind spot monitors. If not, this might not be the car for you. Visibility is crucial if you want to keep your insurance premiums low.

Take a test drive

Once you’re ready to drive off the lot, switch off the radio so you can listen to the engine.
How does the ride feel? Is it easy to steer? Most importantly, are you comfortable?
Does the climate control system work for you? Is the vent placement sufficient? Are the controls easy to use?
If you loved everything about the car and the drive, great! You’re all set, and one of our highly trained sales people will guide you through the process of purchasing it.
If not, go to your next vehicle option. If none of the cars you think you liked, turn out to be the one you want, don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation. Discuss your requirements, budget, and specifications with us; we know cars. With an average of 300 cars on the showroom floor , we’re sure we can find a vehicle to match your desires.
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