What’s best way to buy a new vehicle ?

Oct 2017

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There can be no denying that the internet has changed the way in which we all think about shopping. Online shopping use to be reserved for smaller ticket items.  Now the internet is being used by people in the market for a new car. The argument that these folks make is that they don’t want the hassle of heading to the showroom. Many people say they feel a lot of pressure to buy from the salespeople on the floor. Is that a good reason to shop online from the comfort of your own home, or is heading to the showroom still your best option? Online vs Showroom ?
The first thing you need to look at is researching and comparing cars. It’s not everyone that knows exactly the type of car they want right off the bat. There’s no denying that doing that research online is worthwhile. The problem comes when you finally decide what type of car it is you want. Websites that sell cars don’t always carry a large inventory, which means they might make you wait for weeks until they track down what you want. This may also end up adding to how much you pay in the form of transportation fees.

Now let’s imagine that you do find a website with the exact vehicle you have in mind.

Are you really prepared to rely on the pictures of the vehicle that are shown there? Those pictures can be taken from all kinds of different angles until the photographer finds the ones that paint the car in its best light. Those pictures can hide a multitude of sins that don’t become apparent until you have paid to make the vehicle your own. Those are things that can’t be hidden when you inspect a car inside and out on the showroom floor.
Another thing you have to think about is getting answers to any questions you might have about a particular car. Going the online route means e-mailing a question and waiting for an answer. When it does finally arrive in your inbox, how can you be sure who answered the question? Was it someone that really knows all the details about the car, or some unpaid intern looking to make a sale? No matter what you might feel about salespeople, they take the time to learn every detail about every car on the lot.  Which means they can give you an expert answer to your questions.
By all means use the internet to help you find out which type of car best suits your specific budget. However In order to really end up in the car you want, the showroom is still your best bet. Seeing the car in detail, taking it for a test drive and deciding how you feel behind the wheel is something that simply cannot be found online. Let a professional car salesman help get you into the car you want. But go to the showroom armed with a little knowledge.
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