Trade in Your Vehicle

Aug 2017

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Trade in Your Vehicle for a Top-Quality Pre-Owned Car or Commercial Vehicle from Citton Cars Now

You’ll usually find that you have to trade in your old vehicle for your next one. Selling it privately will leave you without transport immediately, until you have found another car. You might be especially particular about the kind of vehicle you want. In view of this it may take quite some time to find the right one. Trading in your vehicle at a dealer makes it so much easier. Of course, they should have a huge selection to peruse, so you can find what you are looking for. Therefore, we have more than 200 vehicles in our stockyard. In effect, we trade in choice as much as we trade in cars.

Selling or Trading in Your Vehicle?

If you do not want to trade in your vehicle, we will make you an offer for it. You are under no obligation to buy a car from us in any event. We have appraised thousands of cars, and usually we buy all makes. Bring your car to us, and we will quickly inspect it and we will give you an offer. You’ll have the offer in 30 minutes and it only expires after seven days. If you accept the offer, we need all your paperwork without delay, to complete the deal. This, of course, includes ownership papers, up-to-date registration papers, and valid proof of identity. You can instead fill in the form on our website with the details of your car. Then we will get back to you in short order. We do all the paperwork on your behalf, so you can walk away with cash in hand instantly.
When you trade in your vehicle, the same paperwork will apply. At the same time, you can browse through the cars on our lot. In essence, the price we offer for your old car will depend on several factors. Obviously, current market conditions play a role, and the result of the personal inspection to ascertain the vehicle’s condition. Ultimately, the vehicle’s service history, and finally, the test drive come into play too. The amount we finally offer results from a careful scientific process and is anything but a guess.
If you are unsure, or want to think about it further, the offer will remain valid for seven days. You can then apply for finance with several local lending institutions through our on-site WesBank and independent business managers. This eventually saves you a lot of trouble, because you don’t have to go around and apply at different banks. We can apply on your behalf and you can immediately take the best offer.

Choices, Choices

We have even more good news, because the choice of available vehicles. Do you want to buy a private vehicle instead, and not want to trade in your vehicle? We can quickly facilitate that process as well. Doing it through us helps you to mitigate many of the risks furthermore associated with private-to-private deals., Risks like buying a lemon, not to mention a salvaged or recovered vehicle. We take over the process, in order to verify and re-register the vehicle that you buy. It also has to pass a DEKRA 85-point inspection and a roadworthy test.
Likewise, we ensure that the vehicle is settled with the financial institution where it is financed, and perform the transfer of ownership. Finally, we verify the warranty of the vehicle and if it has lapsed, we offer you a choice of warranties. Considering how painless and risk-free we make the process, you could definitely buy that private vehicle!

After-Sales Support

There is more to Citton Cars than just trading in your vehicle and buying another. After all, once you have joined our family, you do not have to leave it upon taking your car home. Our on-site Citton Cars Bosch car service centre takes care of all your car maintenance needs in the long run. Our workshop furthermore services and repairs both petrol and diesel vehicles, including large jobs like engine and cylinder head overhauls. Being Bosch, we are electrical experts as well, and can, of course, do all auto-electrical repairs, including complete rewiring. In addition, new batteries, dual-battery systems, alternators, and starter motors are offered, in addition to reconditioned alternators and starters too. You can have spotlight installations and air-conditioning services done here too.
All things considered, Citton Cars is your one-stop destination in Pretoria for selling, trading in, and buying quality-assured used vehicles. Drop by today and start your next motoring journey!