Used Cars in Pretoria

Jun 2017

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There seems to be an oversupply of used car dealerships in Pretoria and this is evident in the high failure rate of the smaller concerns. Unfortunately, this is an industry where the antics of unscrupulous and dishonest dealers are quickly exposed and legislation has made it possible for only dealerships strictly playing by the rules will continue to experience success, several years down the line. Therefore, a long and established career in the used cars industry in Pretoria is usually an indication of a business that has weathered the storms and came out the other side with an honest-to-goodness client offering. However, if that were the case, it would not matter where you buy used cars in Pretoria, so there has to be more to it.
Not All Used Car Dealership in Pretoria are Created Equal
It pays to consider what your used car dealer presents you as part of their list of services. Remember that you are not just buying a car; you are buying peace of mind. What is your dealer of used cars offering you to provide that elusive peace of mind? If they only sell cars and leave you to your own devices to do all the legwork, they can be relegated to the league of also-ran fighting for a spot of the action. These are ten a penny and not worth your time if you are looking for quality – which is why many people buy new cars instead. But money talks, and new cars are very expensive. If you are therefore in the used car market, carefully consider a dealership’s service offering, or you might find that you are no better off buying from them than buying a vehicle from a private buyer – essentially an unknown quantity.
Here is a list of services that Citton Cars offers. To see whether your dealership makes the grade, you are welcome to compare their list to ours:
History: We have had the same owner, the same superb services, and the same commitment to quality for 25 years. We have been around the block and we don’t fly by night.
Choice: We have at least 200 vehicles on our lot at any given time, so you will find what you are looking for. If you cannot, we will find it.
Finance: We have one independent and one WesBank business manager on site who can offer you various finance options on all our vehicles.
Endorsement: We are a WesBank Endorsed Platinum dealer, we are the 2016 WesBank Independent Dealer of the Year, and we have clinched the WesBank Dealer of the Year award for seven years. Quite the CV, then.
Preparation: All our cars pass an 85-point Dekra Certified Quality Inspection and undergo a 12-hour renewal process to touch it up to showroom condition before being sold. An HPI check is part of the deal, and will uncover any salvaged, Code 3 cars and cars that are still under finance elsewhere.
Warranty: All our cars are sold with a standard 30-day warranty. Extra-cost unlimited extended warranties and service plans are available up to two years.
No obligation: We will buy your car, even if you don’t buy one of ours.
Aftercare: Our AA Quality Assured workshop has qualified technicians and Bosch diagnostics equipment and can perform all manner of mechanical and electrical maintenance on your car.
As-New Peace of Mind
Considering all the above, it is unlikely that you will find used cars in Pretoria that can offer you the peace of mind that Citton Cars’ can. We have made it our mission to put to rest all the fears that people have about buying used cars by offering them an all-encompassing service and reassurance that they can tailor to their liking to ensure that they can feel like the owner of a brand-new car when they drive off our lot. If you have been misled about the pitfalls of buying second-hand cars, you have been shopping in the wrong places. Visit our showroom in Gezina to see for yourself what the best, multi-award-winning used car dealership in Pretoria looks like and to browse among our many vehicles to find your dream car – at far less than a new one.