Private Sales Buying Vehicles

May 2017

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You’ve shopped around; you know what you want, you’ve seen it on the internet, found a good deal from a private seller, it seems legit. Also, it looks like a really, really good deal. Buying a your vehicle can be difficult …
Do you take it? We’re not going to say DON’T take it, but … we can advise you on what you need to do to make sure that you’re protected during your transaction. There are many things that you will need to consider when buying a car privately, why not make check-list for yourself?

Without getting too technical, here are some of the things you should look at:

Proper eNaTIS documents
It means the seller completed an NCO form and handed it to the Registering Authority.
They, in turn, issued a Registration Certificate.
A Registration Certificate is different to a license receipt, although the two look similar.
The words CERTIFICATE IN RESPECT OF REGISTRATION OF MOTOR VEHICLE right at the top is the one you want.
Check the Code on the document; it will state one of the following: NEW/USED/REBUILT, or depending on the age of the vehicle and the province you’re in CODE1/CODE2/CODE3.
Code 3 vehicles may not be financed, and insurers also sometimes refuse to insure them.
The Title Holder/ Owner details should match if the car is fully paid off, or you can ask for the original settlement letter if the Finance Company is still listed as the Title Holder.
A Roadworthy Certificate issued within the last 60 days.
Genuine mileage verification.
A valid motor vehicle license (ensure that the license fees for the vehicle are up to date, as well as all E-toll fees).

What happens when the vehicle still has an outstanding settlement at a bank? Is buying my vehicle still possible?

Well, the best recourse we can suggest is that you insist that it should be settled and then ask for proof of settlement. If the seller is cash-strapped and you really want the car, you can settle the vehicle yourself. Don’t just hand over the full amount and trust that the seller will do so. After you’ve collected the Registration Certificate from the finance company, you can pay the outstanding balance to the seller. This way you protect yourself, but … the seller might not be too comfortable with such an arrangement.
Now that you know everything is in order with the car, you can approach your bank to arrange for financing. They will also need all the original documents before they can proceed with the transaction.
The simple reality is that when you enter into a transaction with a private seller, there is very little protection afforded to the ordinary citizen and if you do want to take any legal action if things go wrong, it gets messy, expensive and very frustrating.

But here’s the Citton Cars difference

We take the risk when it comes to buying your vehicle. Ensure that you have a car that has never been stolen or written off. We make sure all the relevant documentation is in place, saving you time and potential headaches. Priding ourselves on our reputation, we ensure that our transactions are as seamless as possible and have trained sales executives that are NCA approved on site.
Because this is what we do, we manage transfer of ownership, and transfer of e-toll documents with the E-toll office. All vehicles on our floor have undergone a DEKRA safety and roadworthiness check. After that, it gets a full diagnostic report which our clients receive with a time and date stamp, to make sure the vehicle’s electronics are fully functioning. And then it also gets a Bosch 120-point check. We go the extra mile to ensure the safety and quality of our vehicles. Your safety is vital to us.

That being said…

If you still really want that car you saw on the internet, Citton Cars can assist with private-to-private sales.  We will make sure that everything is in order, for both you and the seller, ensuring that all of the above gets taken care of within a day, and we can facilitate the financing process for you.  The added advantage for you is great advice, a trusted dealership, and peace of mind, and any help you might need.
As the country’s leading independent secondhand dealership, Citton Cars can de-risk buying your vehicle not only because of our impeccable reputation but also because we deal with reputable banks that have  specific rules and regulations. We are fully NCA approved and a full member of the Independent Dealer Association. You can feel assured and protected in the knowledge that the deal is in safe, capable hands.
Whatever you decide on, know we are always here for you.
Contact Us for assistance.