The Right Way to Remove Swirl Marks

May 2016

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The main difference between swirl marks and damaged paint is intensity. Paint damage is visible and easily felt with fingers. Swirl marks are micro scratches which cannot be felt by fingers or hands, and are clearly visible only under a microscope. Although we may not feel them, they do add that ‘unrefined messy look’ to the car, which must be addressed or all your reapair expenses will go in vain.

What Causes Swirl Marks?

It is very important to know the causes behind swirl marks in order to prevent them in future.
Buffer: The most common cause of swirl marks is a high speed buffer operated unprofessionally. A technician can do the magic on your car within seconds with a high-speed buffer. But if the technician is unprofessional or a novice, he may leave numerous terrible-looking swirl marks on your car. Also an incorrect pad installed on the buffer also causes these marks.
A dirty or unmaintained chamois
Dirty or improperly rinsed sponge
Putting car cover on the car when either of them is dirty
Cleaning the car with a dry old towel, an old T-shirt, or a diaper
Improper or unprofessional use of paint cleaners and car polishers
Unprofessional use of automatic car washers
Cleaning the car with polyester towels
Dark colored cars tend to have more apparent swirl marks. Doors, fenders, hood, and trunk are the most vulnerable to these marks. Avoid the above-mentioned causes to prevent swirl marks on your favorite ride.

How to Remove Swirl Marks

The simplest and easiest way to remove swirl marks is to polish the surface and then coat it with wax. Many people directly wax the car for removing swirl marks. It is a temporary solution which melts away after 2-3 months. The right way to remove swirl marks is given step-by-step here.
Clean the surface with a non-abrasive paint cleaner.
Paint the surface with one or two coats, as needed.
When the paint dries, gently polish the surface with a reputed car paint polisher.
Finally, coat the polished surface with wax for future protection.
Take an expert’s advice on the right products for removing swirl marks. Visit your nearest registered mechanic or technician. Every locality has different weather conditions and your mechanic can refer you products that best suit the weather.