Where and How to Install Car LED Strip Lights

May 2016

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Car lovers never get tired of remodeling or beautifying their vehicles. There are several reasons to install LED lights in your car including security, incorporating cool color combinations, or simply making the vehicle more attractive and sporty. Here is the basic procedure of adding LED lights to any part of the vehicle.

How to Install LED Lights?

Measure the length where you want to install the LED strip lights. Read the instructions given by the manufacturer and cut the desired length of the LED strip.
Separate the strip sheets to expose the wires. Determine the closest circuit to connect the LED strip with. Remember that the on/off time of LED strip lights depends on the circuit you give to them. For example, if you connect the strip lights with the headlights, then the strip lights will turn on only when you turn the headlights on.
You need to provide correct voltage to the lights; therefore check the voltage of the decided circuit wires. Remove the fuse of the circuit, and connect a splitter to the fuse.
Connect the exposed wires of the strip into the splitter. After closing it, wrap the exposing wires with electrical tape.
Decide the place you want to decorate with LED strip lights and route the wires to the decided place. It is better to route it under the carpets to keep it hidden.
Stick the lights to the decided area with adhesive glue. When the glued strip dries off, turn the circuit source on and check the result of your experiment.
This is the simplest way to install LED strip lights on any part of your vehicle.

Where to Install LED Strip Lights in your Car?

Minor changes in your car can bring big differences. You don’t need to spend your month’s salary on the vehicle when just a few SA Rands can do the job. You can install LED lights on the wheel rims, door handles, headlights and taillights, pedals, trunk, and dash board. You may also install LED lights under the car to create a dramatic neon-lit statement.
Although LED strip lights are slightly expensive than Xenon and Halogen lights however; LED lights consume very less energy, do not overheat, and last up to 30,000 hours. The best way to buy LED strip lights is to search the prices online by filtering the custom search options on shopping sites. Then, visit the market and buy the most affordable strips.