Which Custom Fabric Should You Choose for Your Car Cover

May 2016

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Selecting the best custom car cover may become an exhaustive task as there is a large variety to choose from. However, these 4 questions will make the selection easier for you.

Question 01: Where do you park your car?

Many people have indoor parking in their houses. These are safer as less environmental pollutants and sunlight damage the car’s exterior. In an indoor parking, make sure that electricity wires and heaters do not have close proximity to the car. Any thin fabric will do the job in this case.
Make sure you park your car in shaded areas, if it has to be parked outdoors. Sunlight causes the worst damage to the paint. Environmental pollutants and compounds also deteriorate a car’s exterior. For outdoor parking, use a thicker fabric in lighter colors. Cars parked under the trees or face a risk of bird excretion and need thicker fabric covers.

Question 02: What are the weather conditions in your locality?

Weather is the most important factor in deciding the cover’s fabric. When it comes to weather, we choose materials other than fabric as well. For example, you will see a widespread use of plastic and polyester covers in rainy and cloudy localities. In sunny and tropical areas, thick fabric is best to choose.
In dry and dusty localities, slippery and reflective fabrics are required to reduce the dust and photo degradation on the surface. People living near coastal areas need to fight rust and paint damage simultaneously. Fabric with lesser absorbing properties is good to avoid moisture and minerals in the air.

Question 03: How often do you take your car out?

Many people keep their cars parked and use other sources of transportation for everyday activities. People who take their cars out very often also regularly clean the car. A majority of us don’t maintain covered and parked cars. Regular cleaning and maintenance is more important than the choice of fabric for cars which spend more time outdoors.
However, if you keep your car parked most of the time, then cover it with a reflective thicker fabric. Plastic covers may also be used.

Question 04: What fabric color will match your car?

Custom fabric covers are very popular these days. People living in sunny and tropical areas must buy lighter colors in car covers. Others may choose darker fabrics like royal blue. Currently, screen printing is a popular street fashion for car covers.