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Aug 2017

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We Buy and Sell Top-Quality Pre-Owned Cars in Gauteng

If you live in Gauteng and you would like to sell your car, pay us a visit. We will appraise any used vehicle. If you are satisfied with the price we offer, we will take it off your hands. We also sell certified used vehicles. However, we do not compel you to buy one of our cars, even if you sell your car to us. Therefore, visit our showroom in Gezina, and consider the extent of our service offering. All things considered, we wouldn’t be surprised if you buy a car from us anyway!
You will need something to replace your old car with anyway. Why, therefore, go to the exorbitant expense of buying a brand-new car? You stand to lose a massive chunk of its value once you drive it off the showroom floor. Buying new might be nice, but is it worth the price? Especially considering the vast choice of used cars in a densely populate province like Gauteng? Next, we’ll answer that question.

Why Buy New?

When people sell their old cars, they subsequently have a choice between a new and a used replacement car. The reasons for buying new are no doubt often rooted in bad past experiences of buying a poor-quality used car. This is an unpleasant reality that sadly often rears its head when you buy a used car. Even more so if you buy privately or from an unscrupulous dealership.
Subsequently, people buy new cars, because they firmly believe that it is the only way to mitigate the risks. They presumably also believe that they cannot get the same quality and peace of mind from buying a used car. The problem is that buying new comes with a prohibitive price premium. Ultimately, you are going to be stuck with a fast-depreciating new car. A new car that, in other words, you will have to drive for many years. That is, before you have a hope of finally selling it for the settlement amount. In today’s economic climate, this is a big risk to take.

Why Buy Used?

The most important reason is, of course, price. But, that huge drop in value that people experience when they buy new cars, incidentally, works in your favour. You get to buy a car that is far better value for money, having already lost much of its value. Even if you buy a relatively new used car, you still stand to benefit greatly. The flagships in a model series also usually depreciate fastest. That means you could, in the end, get a used luxury model for less than the entry-level model costs new.
The second reason is choice, since so many private owners and dealerships sell used cars in Gauteng. However, therewith comes a risk, and we are here to address that risk. You can, in fact buy a used car with peace of mind. In other words, give your blood pressure an easier time for not having splurged on that eye-wateringly expensive new car.

Eliminating the Risks

We set out identifying the gripes people have with buying used cars. To that end, we address them one by one:
“I cannot find a reputable dealer”. There are dealers on every street corner that sell used cars in Gauteng. Therefore, we offer you a known quantity and established brand (25 years in the business with the same owner). We are accredited with the best service providers, like the RMI, WesBank, Dekra, Motorite, and Bosch.
“I’m buying someone else’s problems”. Our cars have to pass an 85-point DEKRA quality inspection. As a result, we can ensure that they are free of latent defects and structural or water damage.
“I have no guarantee”. We sell our cars with a 30-day guarantee against defects. You can, nonetheless, purchase extended, unlimited guarantees and service plans that cover your car for up to two years.
“The agents’ servicing is very expensive”. We do not only sell cars, we look after them too, through our on-site Citton Cars Bosch car service centre. It is situated right on our Gauteng premises. Our technicians can in fact do all the servicing and repairs your car may need at a reasonable price.
Our business managers offer you a choice of finance options at WesBank or other financial institutions. We also buy cars, so many of our clients furthermore end up selling their old cars to us. In fact, you are unlikely to find such an all-encompassing service at any other Gauteng used car dealership. Pay us a visit today.