Buy Used Cars

Jun 2017

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Many people are still of the opinion that the only car to buy is a new one – “out of the box”. They do not buy used cars because, they say, you don’t want to buy other people’s problems. We beg to differ and we will tell you why. Buying used may be the best thing you have ever done, but only if you do it right and eliminate all those the risks. To do this, you have to buy from a reputable second-hand car dealer that can offer you the peace of mind normally associated with buying a new car. If buying used cars in your mind means wandering off to a smallholding where a rusty wreck goes to waste under a skew fibreglass canopy, you certainly have reason for concern – even alarm. If you are buying your car from Citton Cars, you can be assured of peace of mind.
First of all, our establishment is not just another run-of-the-mill second-hand car dealership doing no more than the others that line the streets of Pretoria. We are, in fact, the 2016 Best Independent Dealership of the Year. That is no mean feat, considering how many used car dealerships there are in South Africa. What helps a lot to keep close tabs on our consistently high service is our sense of continuity and a proven, successful track record. We have had the same owner since our inception more than 25 years ago and, since the ‘90s, we have had the same vision, which is to provide you with the best quality used cars and the best service in Pretoria.
Top-Quality Used Cars
We have at least 200+ used vehicles in our stock at any given moment, and on our showroom floor and website, you will find the perfect vehicle to suit your unique needs, from a small econobox for city use or mid-range family sedan, to a panel van or bakkie. Once you have found your ideal vehicle, we can offer you several financing options, with one independent and one WesBank business manager on site who can assist you with the best financing deal. In fact, we are a WesBank Endorsed Platinum dealer. Sit back and relax while we negotiate a deal to suit your pocket.
All of this will come to naught if you could not buy the best quality used cars from us. To this end, we go the extra mile to make sure that your used car buying experience is akin to buying a new one. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our vehicles are free from defects and hidden damage. Our qualified technicians examine each vehicle carefully and, before it can be parked in our showroom for your perusal, each must pass an 85-point Dekra Certified Quality Inspection. If a vehicle requires attention to restore it to showroom condition, this work is performed under the hawk eyes or our on-site workshop, which is AA Quality Assured and RMI-approved.
The Paperwork
Further proof of our cars’ integrity comes in the form of a TransUnion Vehicle Inquiry (HPI) check to compare the manufacturer-supplied VIN, engine number, colour, year, and model against the actual car on the floor. This removes the risks of a vehicle that might still be under bank finance somewhere. It also provides a mileage confirmation, so that you can be assured that the mileage on the odometer is correct and that it has not been tampered with. Lastly, it ensures that the used car you are buying has not been salvaged, stolen and recovered.
But wait, there is more! We sell our used cars with a standard 30-day warranty at no extra cost and any repairs required under the warranty will be performed free of charge – both parts and labour. To reduce any possible risk even further, you are free to purchase extended warranties and service plans that are valid for between 12 and 24 months. No wonder our Citton used cars feel like new cars to drive!
Money cannot buy the experience we have amassed over the years. It is no wonder that we have been the WesBank Dealer of the Year for seven years. So, the question is not whether you should buy a used car, but where. And the answer is Citton Cars. Contact us today or visit our showroom in Gezina.