Holidays and border crossings

May 2017

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It’s holiday time! Many of you might be thinking of heading to one of our neighbouring countries in search of warmer climates. Did you know that both you and your vehicle need some official documentation to cross the border?
To make your border crossing a smooth one, we’ve compiled some tips for you:

What you need to go on holiday:

A valid driver’s license
(Although not an official requirement, an international driver’s permit is recommended for everyone driving in foreign countries)
A valid passport
Original vehicle registration papers (and certified copies) and valid vehicle license papers.
Insurance and Third Party Insurance
Stickers, triangles and safety gear

What you need to do go on holiday:

A valid passport

Your passport should be valid for six months after re-entry into South Africa, so check the expiry dates. Luckily, a visa is not an issue. For most of our neighbours, you don’t need one, if you’re there on holiday.
Your passport needs to have at least two blank pages. Some countries will issue a port of entry visa, which requires space.

Original vehicle registration papers (and certified copies).

If your car is still being financed by the bank, you will need a letter of authorisation from your financial institution stating that you have permission to drive the car across the border. Both your license and registration papers will have to be signed by a commissioner of oaths.
If the vehicle is owned by a company, or another person, you need two additional documents. A police affidavit and a letter of authority from the registered owner. Both will have to grant permission for the vehicle to cross the border for the agreed time frame.
If you are taking a rental out the country, you need to get a border letter from the rental company. This letter states that you have permission to take the car out of the country. It should also include all the relevant countries and travel dates.

Insurance and Third-Party Insurance

Phone your insurance company, to establish whether your policy covers cross-border travel. You may need to include details of the country/countries you plan on visiting.
If not, you can purchase international insurance at the border post.
Without international travel insurance, you may be financially liable for any damaged caused.

Stickers, triangles and safety gear:

Any South African vehicle, caravan or trailer must have a ZA sticker displayed when it crosses any of the borders. The sticker should be on the rear of the vehicle, and at least 150mm away from the license plate.

Traveling to Mozambique?

If you’re heading out with caravan or trailer, you need to display a set of blue and yellow warning triangles. One must be on the front right bumper of the vehicle. The other should be on the rear of the vehicle you are towing.
You will also need two additional items. A set of red reflective warning triangles according to specified regulations and reflective jackets. The jackets must be adjustable and closeable. You should put them on when you get out of the vehicle on the side of a road.
In Zimbabwe, there’s another set of stickers for towing a vehicle.  A white T-sign and a red T-sign. You must place both stickers on the vehicle you are towing. The white T-sign should be far right, while the red one should be far left.  It is important to note that when travelling through the Chirundu Border Post, you should possess a Police Clearance Certificate.
Some countries will require you to purchase a road permit for your vehicle, so it is a good idea to Get your vehicle checked.
Before going on a road trip, it is always a good idea to get your car checked by the professionals. Being stuck on the side of the road will surely throw a spanner in the works.
Contact us today to book a service and safety check.