Prepare the Bride Before Bidding it Farewell – Car Selling Tips

Apr 2015

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Why would anyone buy a car that needs cleaning and preparation before the very first ride?
The highs and lows of a market for new cars do not affect the ever-growing competition in the market for used cars. There is always a wide variety to buy one from, but when you have to sell your used car, you need to give it all to get the checkbooks out. Never assume that your potential customers will discover the innate beauty of your car within a few minutes while it took you months or years to discover it.
Basic Steps to Do It Right
Very few people keep their cars forever. As most of us sell them after some time, we need to prepare the car for the resale since the first day. Although it may be late for your current car, taking note of these tips for your next car will save you a fortune.
•    Keep all the papers and documentation in a file.
•    Maintain the vehicle like a pro. If you feel that you cannot do it right, take the car to a professional so that no fault is found at the time of selling it.
•    Keep the car well-maintained all the time as if it is the last day to take it to the show.
Give Life to the Showstopper
Before working on the car’s interior and exterior, it is important to fix the mechanical faults first. Hire a registered mechanic to check your car and fix the faults. Mechanics call it reconditioning. Every customer test drives the car before sealing the deal. Perfectly operating mechanical parts will allow you to negotiate your desired price.
Checkmark what you have already done:
•    Change of oil and mechanical fluids
•    Battery cleaning
•    Tire service
•    Belt and hose replacement
•    Headlight and interior lighting service
•    Factory reset (removing items that the factory didn’t provide you)
•    Overall cleaning and trash removal
•    Lubrication
•    Brake adjustment
•    Switch, handle and knob fixing
•    AC service
•    Repaint and a new license plate
•    Removal of stickers
Vinyl and leather seat conditioning
Now Rate Your Car!
Think like a buyer when rating your car.
[1]    An excellent car is in a perfect mechanical condition with no paint scratches, swirl marks or leakage. It is clean and looks new.
[2]    A good car has all the features of an excellent car but needs some refurbishment at the time of sale.
[3]    A fair car has decent mechanics but cleanliness, rust or paint issues.
[4]    A poor car may look new but it will have mechanical faults.
Good Luck!
Find an online forum to sell your car. Add correct information, set an attractive price, and wait for the call!