10 Most Important Car Theft Prevention Tips

Apr 2015

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Insurance companies, car lenders, and car manufacturers should realize the difference a vehicle can make in preventing theft. It is not just the responsibility of the owner but of mechanics and technicians as well to guide the car owners about theft prevention.
Research suggests that leaving the doors unlocked (55%), leaving the windows rolled down (34%), and leaving the keys in the car (6%) are some common reasons of car theft. Car thieves are mostly skilled at the ‘60-second-theft’ techniques, which makes prevention imperative.

Here are a few tips on car theft prevention.

Starting from the major contributing factor, keep your cars locked all the time. Even when you park your car or leave it in the garage, make sure every door is locked.
Never leave the windows open or leave the key in the vehicle. Thieves steal a car after tracking it for days. They know where you have hidden the keys.
Many people carelessly leave their gadgets and expensive items in the car. Such things tempt and attract thieves. Keep your valuables in the trunk, or at least covered.
A club is one of the many available mechanical theft prevention devices. It locks the steering wheel from revolving or moving.
Many electronic car alarms and electronic deterrents are also available in the market. Alarm sirens and notifications indicate someone’s contact with your car.
Never park your car in hideous places. Make sure the car is visible to at least the traffic officer. When you park the car in restaurant parking, sit on a table from where you can keep a check on the car.
Many car thieves use the tow-truck driver technique for theft. Several mechanical features make towing your car difficult. Ask your local car expert for these.
Never leave the car switch on before leaving. Switch off the car, lock every door and window, and take the keys with you before you leave.
Don’t leave your personal information in your car. If you have registration forms or receipts with your name, lock them in the glove box. Many times, when thieves are unable to steal a car, they note down the personal information and chase the vehicle to your home.
The most important tip is to keep your car’s most important documents safe. All the original documents and insurance documents must be kept safe at home. For traffic officers, make a colored copy of the documents with a tag ‘Original Documents Maintained by Legal Owner’.