Adding Value to Your Vehicle

May 2015

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Boosting your car’s value is a return-on-investment you receive at the time of resale. Just a few value-adding investments, maintenance and regular care can let you get your desired ROI. Buyers have an unlimited variety of similar models to choose from, let alone the uncountable models in the market. To make your car stand out and bring you a handsome payback, try our value-adding tips.
Paint or Wax
The color of your car can make or break the deal. Almost 99% of buyers essentially check the color of the vehicle. If you can afford it, give your car a retouch. Vintage paint colors are always good to go with.
If you don’t want to change the paint color, yet the car needs finishing, then fix the paint damages. Repaint minor scratches and cover the paint with car wax. For deeper scratches and dents, hire a car technician.
Spend on Extras but Wisely!
All car lovers know that when it comes to refurbishing the vehicle, we want to buy every item available in the market. Even if you are not prepared for reselling your car, you need to spend wisely on the extras. Some wise extras you may add or replace include fancy headlights, seat covers, internal lighting, upgraded stereo, shiny wheels, floor mats, and a stylish gear. Need for Speed lovers know how to restyle your car within seconds.
Upgrade Technology
Today, tech-savvy cars are more in demand than pretty cars due to their comfort and features. Old cars in good condition rarely own a good market share. Upgrade your car’s technological features and make sure that it complies with current comfort standards.
Make it Photogenic
Many times, we spend all our savings on the vehicle, yet it is unable to attract strong buyers. It is because the car lacks in presentation. Since, most of the buying and selling businesses run online today; you necessarily need to make it virtually presentable. Once, you have added value to the car, take its pictures with a professional camera at a captivating destination. You will be stunned how this tip generates unexpected buying proposals.
Mechanics and Mileage
Don’t let mechanics and mileage issues overcome your fancy repair expenditures. Take your car to a reputed mechanic and get everything fixed..everything!! Make sure that the overall mileage and fuel consumption is at least average, if not extraordinary.