Why Keeping Licenses Up To Date Is Important

Mar 2014

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Licenses might be problematic to renew or to apply for in the first instance – rumors about bribery and corruption are not far from the truth at the best of times, therefore once you have that very precious piece of paper, you ought to take excellent care of it.
Keeping licenses up to date is really important, as being caught with a license that has expired is not only expensive when faced with an angry traffic policeman, but you will also have to pay a lot more when having your driver’s license renewed.
Did you know that if your license is not current you can…
Incur a hefty fine.
Be considered to be an unlicensed driver when getting behind the steering wheel of your vehicle.
Will not be covered by your insurance provider if you are involved in an accident.
Not being covered by your insurance is a huge problem at the best of times:
Insurance companies try their level best to refute claims even if your claims are legitimate. Consumers have to prove that they were the lawful driver of a vehicle should there be more than one designated driver of a vehicle, have to prove that the car was used for personal reasons and not for business purposes, and so the list continues to grow.
Insurance premiums are hugely expensive, and one would expect your insurance company to pay your claim when you damage another party’s vehicle, which could prove to be hugely pricey; should your license not be up to date, your insurance company can refuse to pay your claim and they would completely in their legal right to do so.
Your driver’s license needs to be renewed every four years, plus there is a small window of grace for you to renew yours once the expiry date has come and gone.
Once you have your driver’s license you have a duty to yourself and other drivers on the road to keep your licenses up to date at all times – this also applies to your vehicle, bike or truck license. Do the right thing – keep it legal, and most importantly, don’t succumb to paying bribe money to corrupt officials.