6 Reasons Cars Are Better Than Motorbikes

Mar 2014

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It is said by motorbike fanatics and fans alike that bikes beat cars hands down but the truth and reality is that cars are great and they have distinct advantages over bikes.  We know that at Citton Cars because we see drivers and owners of both used cars and used bikes.
So from what I know;  if you like bikes, there’s a good chance you like cars as well. But the reverse is not always true.  Ask any mother whose young son states that he wants to buy a motorbike. Eventually, though, most of us have to choose what we are going to invest in, and when the choice has to be made, cars have a lot to offer.
My thoughts may be different from yours. Your list might have items I haven’t thought of, but I think this is definitely food for thought.
Space – A car takes up a whole garage whereas you can fit at least 3 bikes into the space occupied by one car. But you can leave a car out easier than you can expose your bike to the elements.
Economy – Cars use more fuel than a motorcycle but you can take more people on a car journey than you can on a bike. Face it though, bikes are cheap to run.
Safety – Speaks for itself.  It’s often the fault of a 3rd party when accidents occur, but you need to be protected seriously on a bike.
Performance – Do motorcycles outperform cars?  Sure they do, but then safety is the true issue and the newer car models perform extremely well.
Cost – Cars, especially used cars in South Africa, are expensive and to find a deal similar to a bike deal you need an exceptional certified used car dealer.
Calling from a car – Hands-free kits are available for all cars and only for some bikes.
Would be interesting to know what your thoughts are.