Citton Cares For Students

Feb 2014

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There are many reasons why you should choose a car from Citton Cars, but perhaps right at the top of the list is affordability. Let’s face facts, if you are a student it often means you are strapped for cash. Many students have to work to put themselves through university or college as tertiary education costs a small fortune, therefore driving expensive wheels that costs an arm and a leg to run is not what many households can afford, no matter how hardworking the parents.
Citton therefore should be your next best friend, as Citton cares for students. This is where we come into the equation to save the day with our wide range of excellent yet affordable pre-owned student cars.
These are some of the real reasons why Citton cares for students:
Caring is what we do best of all as we offer a brilliant service to individuals regardless of their budget.
Interest – we have your best interests at heart and if it is a model we presently don’t have available to our clients, we will try our best to find the vehicle of their dreams.
Trust and reliability – our mission in life is to ensure you, the client, always receives the best cars as we test and go over every vehicle we sell with a fine toothed comb. Trusting the company that sells you a car is important on every level.
Testing our cars is vital prior to selling them onto our clients as our word is gold and our reputation is platinum.
Options – we offer a veritable abundance of cars in all price ranges. Students are welcome as the combination of excellence at brilliant prices is what we do really well.
Needs – our clients’ needs are what we focus on regarding finding the perfect vehicle. We also arrange the financing plus all the necessary paperwork making the entire process of purchasing a car through us really simple.
Are you a student and in urgent need of reliable wheels? At Citton we make a promise to our clients to find the perfect car at fantastic prices, where everyone’s individual needs are taken into account. Why not give us a shout today and ditch the takkies you need to get you to your exams, because Citton cares for students.