Private Sales Selling Your Car

May 2017

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Selling your car is never really an easy decision to make. You’ve made memories together, travelled many safe kilometres and worked hard to pay for it; you have a CONNECTION to it, but, life changes.
Now that the decision has been made, you have numerous options available: trade-in, private sale, or selling it to a dealer. You might think that a private sale could get you more money in your pocket, but you might be mistaken, and here’s why:
Yes, you can do it yourself, and many people do. But the amount of horror stories out there tells us that things can go horribly wrong, fast!

Consider this when selling your car

You know what the car is worth to you, that’s how much you want for it, so that is how much you advertise it for on the web, supermarket notice boards, Facebook and Twitter.
Your advert has your name and private number on it, which makes sense, because how else would potential buyers get hold of you? It also has picture of your car, because how else would someone know if they want it? Your personal details are out there, in the world, along with details about your car and the registration number. A lot of undesirables now have access to your information. But undeterred, you forge ahead, because there is money to be made.
You get your first call, at 9pm. A price haggler, so you stick to your guns. The price is the price.  Your inundated by calls at random times, some serious offers, others not. Most want to know where they can view the car, or if they can take it for a test-drive.

Do you have a safe answer?

What is the character of the person you are doing business with? What about the possibility of being hijacked when you do take the car to someone to view?
Do you know where you will transact the business of selling your car? Or how to go about ownership transfers, papers, roadworthy tests? Ensuring secure payment? What if they make a fraudulent payment, and they have your car? Do you know the legal recourse available to you? So now you have to get the police involved.
Making a quick buck is never that easy, and selling your car privately can be like playing the lotto – some you win, some you lose. Is it really worth the risk?
There is an easier way to sell your car, and get the price you want.
Your car represents a desire, want or need to a lot of other consumers, so secondhand dealers will want to buy it.  At Citton Cars we will give you an offer on your car, to help you sell your current vehicle, whether you buy that vehicle from us or not.
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