Car Dealers in Pretoria

Jun 2017

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Car dealers like to  brag about phrases like “best service” and “best quality”, but you know it is all marketing jargon, right? It is easy enough to say you are the best, but if you do not have to supply any proof of it, why should your claims be regarded in a serious light? So, when we say that Citton Cars is the best of all the car dealers in Pretoria, you can believe it, because the proof is in the purchase: We were voted the Best Independent Dealer of the Year in 2016 and WesBank has crowned us the WesBank Dealer of the Year for seven years. Car dealers in Pretoria do not come any better than that.
That first award we mentioned, by the way, includes all used car dealership in the entire South Africa, not just the used car dealers in Pretoria. That is quite a staggering achievement, in light of the sheer number of used car dealers that seem to spring up on every unused corner, of every street, in seemingly every little nondescript town in South Africa. Here today, gone tomorrow, many of them last a few months or years at best. Many a person who has bought a used car from such an establishment of doubtful repute can attest to the fact that, a while later, they have disappeared without a trace, their street corner occupied by another hopeful fly-by-night dealer.
We don’t fly by night. In fact, Citton Cars has been flying its flag amongst the myriad of used car dealers in Pretoria for more than 25 years – all the while with the same owner, the same philosophy and the same commitment to excellence; hence all those awards recognising our tireless efforts to keep on improving our already-market-leading position and solidifying our reputation as the cream of the used car dealer crop. A few things go with the territory of being long-lived in this industry and being recognised as the best. Which poses the question…
Why Citton Cars?
Driving down any number of streets and seeing the myriad of used car dealers in Pretoria might very well have you posing the question what, if anything, can set any of them apart from the others. In our case, you might want to know what it is that has prompted leading financial institutions to bestow on us the title of “the best”. And we would say it mostly boils down to assuring our clients of total transparency, the best quality and, most of all, perhaps, the peace of mind that some people believe cannot accompany the purchase of a used vehicle.
To address the reservations of the Doubtful Thomases, we realised that we had to demonstrably reassure our clients why buying a used car from us could be as risk-free as buying a new car. Let’s address these concerns:
I’m buying someone else’s problems. We have that covered. Our cars undergo a strict 85-point Dekra Certified Quality Inspection before they can go on our lot. We perform a TransUnion Vehicle Inquiry on every car to verify its VIN, engine number, and mileage to ensure that you are not buying a salvaged or stolen-and-recovered vehicle.
I won’t find one I like. We have that covered. At any given time, we have over 200 vehicles in stock, from luxury cars to small hatchbacks. If we don’t have it, we can find it.
Used cars are not guaranteed. We have that covered. Want an unlimited one- or two-year guarantee? Want a service plan instead, or as well? All of these are available as options when you buy a used car from us. Finally, we sell our cars with a standard 30-day warranty.
It is difficult to get finance for a used car. You guessed it; we have it covered. We are a WesBank Endorsed Platinum dealer and we have one WesBank and one independent business manager on site to assist you with your application and negotiating the best deal for you.
Remember, not many used car dealers in Pretoria can offer you quite the level of peace of mind of all the above reassurances. Maybe it is time to save a bundle on your car purchase by not buying an expensive new one, but a pre-loved one from us.