Car Dealer in Pretoria

Sep 2017

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For the most part, all car dealerships seem to be alike in the eyes of the general car-buying public. Citton Cars is not just any car dealer in Pretoria; we are a cut above the rest, for several reasons. Ultimately, our claim will hinge on the differentiating factors, and what better place to start than our history? A history of more than 25 years, that is, so we are, in a word, established. All things considered, being so firmly established in our industry brings with it responsibility and accountability. We have had the same owner, the same vision and the same commitment to excellence since the start. On balance, a fly-by-night dealership that is gone tomorrow has little to lose, but we don’t. We definitely have everything to lose that we have built up over a quarter of a century.

The Luxury of Choice

We would not be worth our salt as a leading car dealer in Pretoria if we could not offer you a vast choice. In that case, our selection of over 200 used vehicle will certainly impress the discerning buyer. As a result of this choice of passenger and commercial vehicles, you will always find what you are looking for. In fact, if the car of your choice is not on our parking lot, let us find it for you. In the final analysis, product would come to naught without service, so continue reading.
All in all, the choice continues with the finance options we offer, from Absa, MFC, WesBank, and Standard Bank. In essence, you get the best deal possible from our professional salespeople and on-site finance business managers. Obviously, you can also choose whether to trade in your car, just sell it to us, or just buy from us. In either case, we will certainly not compel you to buy a car from us, just because we bought your car.

Making Sure Everything is Covered Before the Sale

Notably, all cars we sell must pass a rigorous 85-point DEKRA Quality Inspection. Additionally, our team of qualified technicians inspect every car for structural or water damage. In other words, to make sure that you do not buy a car with any hidden defects. Do demonstrate our commitment to you, you receive a clean title guarantee. This assures you that the mileage is accurate and that the car is not salvaged or rebuilt. Another key point is the TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry, which ensures that there is no outstanding finance on the car. Finally, each car is detailed for 12 hours in our Pretoria workshop, so it even looks like new!

We don’t Leave You High and Dry After the Sale

Many car dealers in Pretoria might in fact have kept up with us until now, but there is more. Given these points, let us add a few more, like the warranties and maintenance options available to you. Besides the fact that every car that leaves our lot is covered by a 30-day limited warranty, you can purchase additional cover. All things considered, our unlimited service and maintenance plans for up to two years add peace of mind. In fact, it is almost as if you bought a car from a new car dealer in Pretoria! In conclusion, you will want to entrust your car only to the most professional car service people. To this end, our on-site Bosch Car Service Centre can look after all the repairs and maintenance of your car.

Still in Doubt? Consider the Awards and Accolades

We doubt whether there is a car dealer in Pretoria that has earned more awards and accolades than us. Our reputation precedes us and we have repeatedly been recognised by industry leaders such as WesBank. Significantly, we are a WesBank Endorsed Platinum Dealer, and there aren’t many of those in Pretoria. All in all, we have also received the Absa Gold Award in 2006 and the Hollard Leadership Award in 2013. Besides these, we have earned numerous WesBank awards since 2007. Can you see why we are the foremost used car dealer in Pretoria? Visit us today for a sales experience beyond compare.