Buy Used Commercial Vehicles

Jun 2017

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New passenger car and commercial vehicle prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Do you remember the time when you could buy a brand-new bakkie for R20 000? That was 1987 and, 20 years on, the cheapest new vehicle on sale in South Africa costs R100 000 – and it is a miniscule 800-cc city hatchback that can hardly pull the skin off cold coffee. What with the financial outlay now required to buy new vehicles, it is little wonder that an increasing number of people have started to buy used commercial vehicles and cars instead.
With legislation having ensured that even a comparatively elderly 10-year-old vehicle is likely to be fitted with the basic safety features like airbags and ABS brakes, you certainly do not have to buy new to get a relatively safe car or bakkie. Fuel injection and economy unheard of in the ‘80s, also come with the more modern territory and, if you are in the market to buy a commercial vehicle like a bakkie or panel van, you now have so many options among the used commercial vehicles lining used car dealers’ parking lots that you stand to save a lot of money by doing so.
Mitigating the Risks
The more risk-averse among us will argue that buying a new bakkie is best, but a quick look at the eye-watering prices commanded nowadays by purveyors of commercial vehicles in South Africa might have even these doubters reconsidering their position whilst quietly cursing under their breath. Producing a pocket calculator to do the sums and emerging with the sobering result that you can buy two 6-year-old used commercial vehicles of whatever permutation for the price of one new one is likely to be the last straw for those thinking that buying new is the only option. In fact, for the financially stressed in need of a vehicle for their struggling business, it may be a positive turning point towards ensuring the business success.
This being said, it is patently obvious that you would have to go about it a certain way to mitigate those risks that has been unfairly associate with used cars and commercial vehicles. Naturally, buying that rotting wreck wasting away at the mercy of the elements beneath that sagging fibreglass “afdak” on a secluded smallholding is unlikely to save the day, no matter how cheap it is. What you need is access to the best quality used commercial vehicles that will prove to be trustworthy and dependable day in and day out.
What We Offer
To this end, you want to buy used commercial vehicles that have been rigorously checked and prepared, and have no hidden mechanical defects or structural damage. That is why our qualified technicians put all the cars and commercial vehicles competing for a coveted spot on our parking lot through an 120 Bosch checklist that they have to pass with flying colours – along with an HPI check at TransUnion to ensure that there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle and that its specification is still as per the day it left the factory. Of course, this check will also uncover salvaged or Code 3 vehicles.
To add further peace of mind, our used vehicles leave our lot with a complementary 30-day warranty and, if you wish, you may purchase any manner of unlimited extended warranties and/or service plans, valid for up to two years. Consider, therefore, for a moment that, by buying your used commercial vehicles with extended warranty cover and from a reputable supplier such as Citton Cars, can have you drive around with the type of peace of mind usually reserved for the buyers of new cars – at a massive saving over a new car.
Buy Why Us?
Excellent question, especially in the light of the fact that you literally have thousands of other used car dealers to choose from. The answer ties back to our claim in the heading that we are “the best” and this is certainly no idle chatter. Indeed, in 2016, we were voted the Best Independent Used Car Dealer of the Year in the entire country and, what is more, WesBank has also crowned us WesBank Dealer of the Year for now fewer than 7 years. With such a prestigious financial institution vouching for our quality of service and the standard of our used cars and commercial vehicles, you can buy that bakkie from Citton Cars and give your budget a breather.