Buy Second-Hand Cars

Aug 2017

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Buy the Best Quality Second-Hand Cars with Complete Peace of Mind

Many people will ordinarily buy new cars than second-hand ones because of the perceived risks of buying second-hand cars. However, this is not to say that the option of buying used is no longer available to you. What would you say if we told you that you can buy a pre-owned car right now without the risks? In essence, you are paying a huge premium for that new car. You obviously only deem it worth the money because of the peace of mind that it brings you. For that, you have a brand-new, reliable car definitely has comprehensive guarantee and/or service plan cover. You simply get in and drive away immediately without a worry in the world – at a price.

Depreciation – the Big Killer

That new car had better be trouble-free, because it is going to set you back a lot of money henceforth. Consider for a moment the following scenario. An entry-level sedan from one of the German Big Three costs almost R500 000 brand-new at the time of writing. That is, of course, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series, or Audi A4. However, what if you opt for a 2015 model, which is just two years old? For that, you will comparatively pay between R250 000 and R350 000. Moreover, these cars usually have a lot of their standard factory motor plans left. You buy an almost-new car, but you instantly save R140 000 to R240 000 on a brand-new one. In fact, you can almost buy two used ones for the price of one new one!
You see, a new car loses value very quickly indeed. The depreciation curve obviously somewhat levels out as the car ages. As can be seen, the trick is to buy it somewhere down that curve. You instantly benefit from the massive loss the first owner sustained, and your car depreciates far slower from then on.

All the Possibilities!

This suddenly opens up many more possibilities and makes buying second-hand cars a very attractive proposition. Now, you can buy the same model that is two years old, but at a huge saving. Or, you can spend more money and then instead get a much more luxurious and powerful model in the range. Yet, you still pay less for it than the entry-level model would have cost new. In short, you get value for money, something you just don’t get when you buy a new car. Forget those images in your head of a run-down 10-year-old car right now. You can buy an almost new 2-year-old used car and still benefit hugely from buying used instead of new.

But What about the Risks?

Well, let us continue with our example of the 2-year-old second-hand cars in a moment. We know that you can buy them at a saving of 30-50%, compared to the price of similar new ones. Many cars now offer motor plans for five years or more from the date of purchase. These may of course include servicing and maintenance, together with generous warranty cover. Therefore, when people buy 2-year-old second-hand cars, they still have a substantial portion of the new warranty left. If something goes wrong, you simply take it to the agents and they fix it for free without delay. What if your warranty runs out in due time? You can always purchase an extended unlimited warranty for up to another two years as soon as it runs out., Now your cover can continue uninterrupted for the next few years.
That takes care of maintenance worries immediately. Now, you might be afraid that you are buying a car that was salvaged, or stolen and recovered. It might furthermore have some unseen structural or water damage. This is where our rigorous quality checks come in. Every second-hand car that we sell has to moreover pass an 86-point DEKRA quality-assurance check. Our qualified technicians conduct it in detail in our AA quality-assured workshop. This is to be sure that there is no hidden damage to be concerned about. We also include a limited 30-day warranty whenever we sell one of our vehicles.

Where to Go

Now, people who buy second-hand cars have a viable alternative that can save them a lot of money. Citton Cars can supply you with the second-hand car of your dreams right now, at a great price. We take care of the financing and paperwork on your behalf too. You can even have it serviced at our Bosch car service centre. Contact us without delay for a great deal on a quality pre-owned car today.