Where Can I Sell My Car For The BEST Price, FIRST Time – Guaranteed?

Apr 2021

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You have had your motoring companion now for quite some years and the old beauty is becoming a bit rusty around the edges.  Also, it is the advent of a new year and you may be visualising a new you with new adventures.
Why not? 2020 was a tough year and you deserve better. Maybe some more cash in your pocket.  Or what about a fresh travel buddy? Sounds good, right?
I can sell my car and make this happen in a jiffy!
Citton Cars specialises in taking the hassle out of selling your car.
We have been selling used cars for over 30 years and we promise to beat any other offer you will receive for your car.  What’s more, our sales personnel provide a safe, sanitised, and friendly environment in which all our transactions take place. Let us take your treasured old car off your hands – we undertake to treat it with the same care as you did for many years.
There are ten good reasons to sell your car to us:

  • We are approved by all major banks.
  • You will enjoy long-term savings with a more fuel-efficient car.
  • You can cut costs by starting with a bigger deposit for your car.
  • Our prices get you closer to your dream car.
  • If maintenance is making life hard, we will cut your costs with a more reliable car.
  • Cut your losses with big repairs and sell to us.
  • Give your insurance a boost with an instant payment.
  • When your warranty runs out, boost your pocket with a source of cash.
  • We pay more for trade-ins, whether you are buying from us or not.
  • When you sell your car to us, you can get that well-deserved fresh start you need, or maybe even spoil yourself by trading in the old for a new beautiful little number in our showroom.

To sell my car, it:

  • should be six years or younger;
  • should have no more than 130 000 km on the clock;
  • must have a full-service history; and
  • must be accident-free and without fundamental damage.

Provide us with registration papers, the service history and your banking details, and before you know it, you’ll receive instant payment on the same day we do our assessment. Citton Cars is approved by all the major banks, which make our transactions 100% risk-free. If the car is still under a financing contract, don’t fret, we can arrange to pay out the lender directly.
I want to sell my car, but can’t make it to the dealership…
No problem, because Citton Cars will come to you!

If you are unable to visit any of our outlets in Pretoria and you are in Gauteng, we will come out to where you are to personally evaluate your car. It really doesn’t get easier than this.
Seize the new you by contacting us today.