Add Years to Her Life with These Car Damage Prevention Tips

May 2015

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For a real car lover, a minor scratch on the car is devastating. Given below are some tips to protect your love from any kind of damage:

Car Cover

Bird poop, scratches, and swirl marks can be easily prevented if you regularly cover your car. The car cover must be selected according to the local weather, frequency of usage, and the parking area. Make sure the material you choose for the cover completely prevents the car from external damages including air moisture, salts, humidity, environmental pollutants, and any chemicals etc.

Park Safely

You may have a person in the neighborhood who loves challenging your car parking skills. No matter how seasoned you are at parking your car, there is always a blind end where you get stuck and wonder where to go. Such cases often happen at shopping malls and outside bars. To avoid damaging your car as you park, check the location, space, and nearby vehicles to park safely.

Restrict Sun Exposure

UV sun rays damage the paint earlier than average. Cracked paint is more vulnerable to external damage. The cracked paint spaces rust easily and expose the inner layers of the car. We cannot apply sunscreens on our cars but we can definitely prevent sun exposure to add at least 5 years to their lives.
Furthermore, sun damage can also be prevented by sealing the car paint with a ‘synthetic sealant’, tinting the windows and rear mirrors, using sunshield on the windshield, covering the car with a fabric or plastic cover, and cleaning the vinyl and plastic materials every two months.

Take Care of the Engine

Expert mechanics recommend cleaning your engine after every 25000 to 30,000 miles. An efficient engine adds substantial years to your car’s life. Change the oil, remove dirt and grease, clean accumulated varnishes and break down internal contamination with a trustworthy motor flush product.

Precautionary Maintenance

A decade ago, the average age of a vehicle was 10 years. Now it is far lesser. To increase the mileage, engine life, economy and the reliability of your vehicle, precautionary maintenance is essential. Check the efficiency of every part regularly and fix the problem before it even occurs.