We Will Buy Your Car Even If You Don’t By Ours

Feb 2015

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With a customer-oriented approach, Citton Cars respects the individual choices of our clients, grateful for the respective contribution of both sellers and buyers to the automotive industry. As such, Citton Cars offers to buy a car from people even if t it’s not a two-way deal.

Why Is It Safer Than Selling Your Car Privately?

Considering the following perks, it’s a win-win trade exercise for you.
1.     Instant Payment
It does not matter whether you are seeking a trade in or are plain selling your car. You can bring your car over to Citton cars where, after a quick yet complete assessment, you’d be provided with an offer to purchase. Our more than 20 years worth of expertise gives us an edge over others when appreciating any model. Our familiarity with the industry and an evaluation of your car are two resources we refer to when making the offer.
If you sell your car to us, we will pay you electronically immediately to complete the transaction once we’ve received documents including the title deed and items like keys and remotes that belong to the car.
2.     Bank Insurance
It complicates the process when the private seller still owes money on the car. Until the loan is paid off that the car’s title cannot be transferred. This is why we will make sure that your vehicle is settled with a bank, if any. While only a fair price of the car is going to be offered, which may or may not include the payoff amount, we do ensure that the seller is able to and has paid off the finance company first before a successful transfer of title is considered possible.
3.     Valid Registration
When buying the car we referred to the car’s current registration to confirm you as the owner. Similarly, once the deal is done, we’d make sure the vehicle is off your name as soon as possible so that you are not held responsible and fined for any offences or convictions it may be involved in, in future.
4.     Settle Any Ordeal With E-Tag
While electronic toll collections have made curbed delay on toll roads, they can pose a problem too. This happens if the used vehicle in question is still enrolled in the program and charged via the account of the previous car owner. Unlike other, we make it a point to remind all our customers to request for a status update of their account as well as close it before selling the car.
For further details, check out https://www.cittoncars.co.za/sell-us-your-vehicle/