The Pros of Having a Wesbank Business Manager on the Dealer Establishment

Jan 2015

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As part of the largest financial services groups in Africa, WesBank is a major Vehicle and Asset Finance bank. It aims to effectively provide small, medium, and large companies the finance solutions they need for different capital assets, including secured installment finance and related services like insurance. This is because a little extra money that you pay every month can go a long way to handle anything – and everything – that can go wrong with your car. At Citton Cars specifically, the presence of a Wesbank Business Manager is what gives us an edge in reinforcing relationships with our customer.

Assisting All Your Finance and Insurance Needs

While we encourage you to buy certified used cars, we don’t want to rush you into the process or for you to consider it a risky deal. The Wesbank manager is a neutral entity who will guide you to take rational decisions rather than emotional ones. In other words he will help you understand and secure your investment.
In addition to providing you with multiple quotes (both insurance and loan) and not just of the one we are on good terms with, the availability of the following products is to offer you the best deal.
Shortfall cover
Monthly finance installment protector
Loyalty/replacement bonus
Credit life protection cover
Permanent and temporary disability
Death cover
Deposit protector
Invoice = depreciation cover
Scratch/dent/chip cover
For most people, buying a car in SA is a necessity rather than a luxury. To get approved by the bank you are applying for the loan from, you need to give proof that you are able to afford the vehicle along with a confirmation of your employment. For one, an on-site manager can allow them to meet and facilitate our customers, which is a pre-requisite for banks according to the South African legislation. Second, the finance and insurance manager will take your application and take you through the different processes in order to familiarize you.
Visit Citton Cars today and let us manage everything for you. Whether you require an appraisal of your car’s value, a trade-in, or if you need a new car we have solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.
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