Why You Should Sell Your Car to Citton Cars

Jan 2022

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While there are many great reasons to sell your car, like buying a new one, several things can go wrong with the process. For example, if you want to sell your car, you need to ensure that you are doing so on a reliable platform. You don’t want to go through the process of attempting to sell your car only to sell it to someone who is not going to give you the price you want or make the payments on time.

Whether you are selling your car to buy a new one or you are looking to get rid of your old car, at Citton Cars we have got you covered. You can cut out the middleman and stop worrying about unreliable business deals because we will give you the best price for your pre-owned car. Don’t believe us yet? Here are five reasons why you should sell your car to Citton Cars:

1. We are approved by all major banks

No matter who you bank with, we are approved by all major banks. The money transfer will not take days or weeks, because we can transfer it immediately. You can avoid the stress and unreliability of private sales and the potential of losing your money because selling with us is safe and secure.

2.Sell your car & you don’t need to worry about repairs

Maintenance can get in the way of a hassle-free sale. You have to ensure that the car is up to date on its services and running safely at all times. This means replacing tyres, brake pads, oil, and other parts to ensure that your car is functioning optimally. Maintenance costs can pile up and force you to spend thousands of Rands on repairs for a car that you intend to sell.

At Citton Cars, you can sidestep the need to spend your money on repairs and simply bring your car to us. If we deem the repairs minor and fixable, then we can take the car off your hands and you can find a used car for sale that doesn’t require any repairs.

3. Cut your costs for the future if you sell your car

If you sell us your used car, you can add that amount to the purchase of a used car for sale at one of our dealerships and pay off a large portion of the purchase price at once. The process is quick, easy and efficient, and it means that you will owe far less on your new used vehicle from Citton Cars!

4. We offer the best price

Citton Cars guarantees the best prices for your vehicle. We don’t want you to feel deceived or undervalued and that is why we conduct effective and accurate car valuations. You can walk away knowing that you got the best price for your used car.

5. Get more mileage

You can trade your used car in for a car that is in better condition and has less mileage. Selling your car with us has never been easier or more beneficial to you, the customer.

While all of these reasons are the right reasons to sell your car to us, there are also criteria that must be considered before we can start the process:

  • The car should be 8 years or younger.
  • The car’s mileage should be less than 150 000km.
  • You can get more money for the car if it is still covered by warranties and maintenance plans.
  • You must have proof of purchase of the car.
  • The car must be accident-free and without structural damage.

If you have taken care of your car over the years, these should be relatively easy criteria to meet. We also work on a case-by-case basis, so you’re welcome to visit us to see how we can assist you. At Citton Cars, we want to ensure that our customers leave with a smile. We want you to get the best deal possible, so sell your car with Citton Cars.

We have two branches in Pretoria, in Gezina and Menlyn, so you can visit whichever branch is most convenient for you to get the best deal on your pre-owned car.

With a 30-year track record in the car industry, you can trust that Citton Cars has your best interests at heart. Visit us today to sell us your car.

Contact us at +27 76 624 8866, visit our website, or chat with us in-store for more information.