We Buy Cars Pretoria

Dec 2015

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At Citton Cars, we buy and sell used cars from our premises in Gezina, Pretoria. Gezina is overflowing with used car dealerships, but we are different., This is chiefly because we have been around for more than 25 years and we still have the same owner. Over the years, we have also acquired a reputation for the best quality and service available in the industry.
Therefore, several national financial institutions and other service providers have seen fit to associate with us. We can likewise offer you finance from a myriad of financial institutions. Our warranty underwriters are Motorite and our Bosch Service workshop is, moreover, RMI-approved. In addition, our cars are DEKRA-approved before they leave the premises. This is far more than name-dropping – it illustrates how uniquely accountable our dealership is.

We Will Buy Your Car

We buy most of our used cars in Pretoria and we can buy yours too. Visit us for an appraisal whenever you can. You could subsequently be leaving our dealership with cash in hand in as little as half an hour. You can think about it before making your final decision, since our offer is good for seven days. Equally important, if we made you an offer, it is not dependant on you buying a car from us. To buy your car, we will then need your car’s registration certificate, ownership paperwork, a valid identity document. We will thereupon take care of all the red tape on your behalf.
We base our offer on several factors. In this case, the prevailing market conditions, the car’s condition, the presence of a service history, and a test drive. Upon acceptance of our offer, you are henceforth good to go. It certainly beats advertising and meeting buyers in dodgy parking garages.

We Will Facilitate Private-to-Private Sales

Notably, if a private buyer wants to buy your car, we can facilitate the process. For a reasonable fee, we can instantly take the risk out of private-to-private sales and finalise the resale. We arrange the process between the buyer and seller, in effect protecting both parties. Our on-site car appraiser then inspects the vehicle at our AA-approved workshop. As such, the buyer can be assured that there is no finance outstanding on the car. It can expressly be proven that it is not a stolen-and-recovered or rebuilt vehicle either. Significantly, our finance goes through national banking institutions like WesBank. The resultant TransUnion and bank checks further specifically ensure a safe and legal deal.
We conduct all the paperwork especially on behalf of the seller and buyer, including the vehicle’s verification and re-registration. We furthermore ensure that the seller conducts the multipoint DEKRA check and a roadworthy test. If there is any finance outstanding on the car, we next make sure that it is settled with the financier. We quickly transfer ownership to the new owner and we verify any existing warranty coverage that the car may have. The buyer can then optionally also purchase an extended warranty from us. Take the hassle and risk out selling your car. We can help instantly, whether it is us that buy your car, or a private seller.

We Sell the Best Used Cars in Pretoria

Are you presently looking for a sound used car to replace your old car? You should visit us shortly and have a look at the over 200 used cars at our Pretoria showroom. All the same quality checks previously mentioned apply specifically to the cars we sell to the public. Therefore, you can have peace of mind when you buy a car from us. As an added bonus, you can subsequently bring your car back to us for routine maintenance as well. Our on-site Citton Cars Bosch car service centre can quickly handle any mechanical or electrical maintenance or repairs. This presently includes replacing batteries, fitting spotlights, overhauling engines, rewiring electrical systems, or fitting/overhauling starter motors or alternators.
As you can plainly see, we meet all your motoring needs straightaway at Citton Cars. We buy and sell the best quality used cars in Pretoria, offering you the best financing options and warranties too. We can even take care of the maintenance whenever necessary. Don’t break the bank with a new car. Buy pre-loved from us.