Used Commercial Vehicles are a Must-Have Tool for any Business

Jul 2021

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A Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) is primarily used to move commodities, merchandise or even people. The purpose of any LCV is to be used as a tool that is essential to the successful operation of a business. It has even been dubbed the “major silent partner” of small- and medium-sized business owners!
Citton Cars values entrepreneurial spirit and we make sure that our showroom floors in Menlyn and Gezina, Pretoria, always have a diverse selection of used commercial vehicles to choose from.
South Africa’s economy depends on the rapid growth of Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). Even if the COVID pandemic has slowed down used car sales in general, we continue to receive daily inquiries from resilient South African business owners about our available used commercial vehicles. We anticipate that our economy will soon resume its upward trend and that the focus will shift to entrepreneurial growth and investment. LCVs are here to stay, and we’re here to help.
What is it about used commercial vehicles that makes them so valuable?
Fuelling commercial and essential services
The COVID pandemic has reawakened new respect for both vital services and the ability to acquire products online and have them delivered quickly.
Used commercial vehicles are, after all, the backbone of our economy. There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t see an LCV on the road, especially in one of our congested metropolitan centres.
Various sorts of commercial vehicles are used by everyone from plumbers, mechanics and electricians, to florists, bakers and book dealers, to larger chain establishments, such as food, clothing and home retailers.
LCVs are smaller, more responsive and can transport merchandise more swiftly than huge trucks. As a result, LCVs are beginning to supplement a significant portion of fleets.
The fact that certain deliveries are prohibited during tight lockdowns has a significant negative influence on our quality of life.
Consider garbage collection, local and foreign mail delivery and medical supplies that are required in everyday living. Every year, roughly 16 billion letters and 330 million tonnes of food products are transported using commercial vehicles.
All of these deliveries rely on LCVs to transport goods from warehouses to eager customers and mail recipients!
LCVs do more than just keep capitalism afloat. They are responsible for keeping people alive. Consider emergency services and ambulances, which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to transport injured and sick patients to and from hospitals and clinics.
These versatile vehicles enable our emergency services to carry out their vital tasks on a daily basis.
Purchase an appropriate used commercial vehicle for your company’s needs.
Not all LCV models are created equal and, at Citton Cars, we help our customers choose from the numerous used commercial vehicles available. It is more important to us that a business owner establishes a lucrative relationship with their used commercial vehicle than it is for them to acquire the cheapest vehicle available without considering the type of freight being transported.
Keep in mind that if the used commercial vehicles available at Citton Cars aren’t a perfect fit for your transportation needs, we’ll always locate the ideal partner to custom refit the vehicle to meet your exact needs.
With an excellent service plan, you can have peace of mind.
LCVs are dependable workhorses. Their drivers make many stops which involve the frequent opening, closing and sliding of doors to deliver their precious goods. This causes more wear and tear on the vehicles than what regular passenger cars normally must deal with. A solid service plan is essential to avoid being without your trusty “business partner” for long periods owing to unanticipated breakdowns.
It’s also critical that the used commercial vehicle’s driver(s) are safe on the road, with a low chance of accidents due to electrical faults or unsafe tyres.
Citton Cars offers a full-service agreement that includes maintenance, repair and servicing.
Our Bosch Car Service facility provides a diagnostic scan to discover any underlying faults, as well as engine lubricants, air and oil filters, handbrake adjustment and a comprehensive list of safety inspections. All authentic Bosch parts come with a 12-month warranty and our workmanship comes with a 6-month, 10,000-kilometer guarantee. Our primary concern is the safety of our drivers.
Find a used business vehicle that meets your needs.
Click through to the Citton Cars website to see what we have on offer. Our used cars range from the lighter models, such as the Chevrolet Utility and Nissan NP200, through to the Isuzu D-Max and, ultimately, the Toyota Quantum and Nissan NV350 Panel Vans. Search our dealerships online or visit our showrooms for personal service and advice. Remember, if you don’t find what you are looking for, we will source it for you.
We are here to serve you so that you can optimally serve your clients and the beautiful people of South Africa. So, whether you’re looking to take your fast-food business on the road or have an expanding taxi service, give us a call.