Ownership of a Pre-Owned BMW is Pure Luxury

Jul 2021

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BMW is one of the most powerful of the leading German vehicle brands and is seen as one of the most famous car brands in the whole world. This luxury car brand features the best interior and exterior design, great performance, fine torque, and also endless luxury.
When thinking of purchasing a pre-owned BMW, there are a few things to consider:

  • Do your research: BMWs have different models to choose from, and you need to choose the model which best suits your needs – for example, would you rather want a wagon or sedan? While BMW is a luxury vehicle, it does lose its value very quickly. It is important to remember that the more expensive a car is, the longer it takes to lose its value. Part of your research should include the cost of car maintenance. BMW as a luxury car means that the maintenance will be very high – parts are harder to come by and they require more expensive and higher quality gasoline, oil and tires than non-luxury cars.
  • Check vehicle history: This will tell you all about the car’s previous owners, accidents the car has been involved in, outstanding speeding fines and the service history. To find a history report on the car, you will need the car’s VIN number. Red flags you need to check for include any tampering with the odometer, previous major accidents, any flood damage to the engine and any other irregularities which might be present. You should also read up on the vehicle warranty. If the pre-owned BMW has an existing warranty, you should check to see what is still being covered by the warranty or you should inquire about the option to extend the warranty. Also, check if you are able to transfer the existing warranty to yourself as a new buyer of the pre-owned BMW.
  • Get the best deal: Look up the true market value of the pre-owned BMW model you want to buy. There are various websites you can use which can assist in fact-checking the market value and can easily be found online.

Why should you purchase a pre-owned BMW?

  • Availability: Pre-owned BMWs are readily available all around, which means that you will most probably be able to get all the extra features you are looking for without any trouble.
  • Depreciation: As a luxury vehicle, pre-owned BMWs tend to lose their value. The luxury vehicle will depreciate significantly more than other brands until they are five to six years old. When buying a pre-owned BMW, try buying a model that is at least five years old, to save you the most monetary value from a depreciation standpoint.
  • Cost of ownership: Owning a pre-owned BMW is not cheap because it is a luxury car. Insurance on luxury cars is much higher than on other brands, as is the repairs. Repairs on German brands are sometimes more complicated, as these brands are more sophisticated.
  • Reliability: While a pre-owned BMW will run hard and fast, it might not be the best car for long distances. So keep this in mind when doing research ahead of buying the car. Do you want something more low maintenance that will be able to get you where you need to go every day, or do you want something prestigious that will require more maintenance?
  • Fuel economy: Pre-owned BMWs are heavy on petrol or diesel and are not very fuel-efficient. To counter this, they feature technology that aims to lower fuel consumption. Always compare and do your research before settling on a final price when you commit to a car.

What are the different pre-owned BMW models available?

  • Family cars: These are large and spacious models, usually SUVs. They have excellent fuel economy. BMW X5 and X3 fall under this category.
  • Sports cars: These are convertible, stylish models, usually with leather interiors and agile performance. The BMW 3 Series is in this category.
  • Hatchbacks: These are the BMW 1 Series and are small family cars with a smooth and comfortable drive.
  • Estate cars: These are luxury cars, which are long and spacious. It shows BMW at its best. Car models include the BMW 5 series.

Still unsure if you should buy that pre-owned BMW?
Did you know that all BMWs are equipped with BMW Efficient Dynamics, which is a standard feature of BMW, aiming to lower the fuel consumption and C02 emissions? It also improves the driving pleasure and dynamics of the car. Most pre-owned BMWs have comfort access (which means a keyless entry system) and Steptronic (which is the automatic transmission system designed for shifting gears).
If you’re seeking luxury and prestige in a pre-owned car, then a pre-owned BMW is an excellent purchase option. Shop for top-quality pre-owned vehicles at Citton Cars.