Trade in Your Car

Jun 2018

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Is it time to trade in your car? There are, in fact, several places where you can do this. Used car and new car dealerships are, of course, the first that come to mind. As a general rule of thumb, they pay you more or less Trade value on your car, and subsequently sell it on at Retail value. As a matter of fact, many people prefer to sell their cars in this way, because they are assured of the amount agreed upon.
They might be able to get more for their car if they sell it out of hand, but then that comes with its own set of problems. First, you may sit around a while, even months, until someone shows an interest. Second, do you buy a car before having sold yours first and, if you do, where do you find the deposit for the new car? Also, do you have space for two cars? Third, you have to deal with many failed appointments, time-wasters and people trying to negotiate a better price. It is so much easier to trade in your car.

What You Need to Have Ready When You Trade In Your Car

In the first place, you are assured of an amount when you trade in your car. When you trade in your car with us, our initial offer is valid for seven days too, so you can think about it first. Equally important is to make sure that you are ready to sell your car at once, if you want to accept our offer on the spot. In particular, you must have the following at hand: your ownership papers, up-to-date registration papers, and a valid identity document. Ultimately, the price we offer you will depend on several factors. Obviously, current market conditions play a role, as well as your vehicle’s logbook, showing its history. Equally important is the result of a physical inspection, as well as a final test drive. In fact, as you can see, this is a meticulous and scientific process; we certainly do not conjure up a random figure when you trade in your car with us!

Under No Obligation When Dealing with Citton Cars

We would like to emphasise that you are under no obligation to buy a car from us if we make an offer for your car. You can simply sell your car to us, be done with it, and leave with your cash in hand, even on the very same day. Say you want to sell instead of trade in your car with us; in this case, the same requirements as above would apply. Have a look at the “Sell Your Car” page on our website, by all means, and complete all the details on it. This is the first step and will enable us to make a preliminary offer to you. That is to say, we confirm or amend that offer upon your visit when we inspect the car personally. With your offer in mind, you have seven days to make up your mind about the transaction.

Established, Trustworthy, and Here to Stay

Significantly, since our inception more than 25 years ago, we have had the same owner, ethos, and service ethic. It is important to realise that continuity is key, as is our commitment to continuous improvement. Whether you trade in your car with us, just sell it to us, or just buy a car from us, we have you covered. We receive new stock frequently and at least 200 cars are on our lot for you to view at any given time. Notably, our entrepreneurial mindset, superb teamwork, and passion for our job work together to exceed your expectations. Indeed, it is no surprise that our big dealership in Gezina, Pretoria, has become one of the best-known landmarks in Pretoria.

A Full Suite of Services

There are a few more things to point out, like our varied financing options and vehicle warranties. That is to say, we can arrange finance for you with FNB, MFC (division of Nedbank), Absa, or Standard Bank. You apply once, with us, and we find you the best offer. With this in mind, don’t you think it is time to trade in your car with Citton Cars? Contact us today.