The Culture behind the Citton Cars brand

Jun 2018

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Racetrack definition: A track for motor racing.

C-icon symbolises: track + motor + racing

The word Track defines the business’s head – its road map, the way forward, the track it is on, it’s proven track-record. Our history of success and its strategic focus to secure future success.
The word Motor defines the business’s heart – the core essence of motoring, an award-winning independent dealer country wide in the motor industry. Specialists in buying and selling of motor vehicles, as well as the support services associated with the motoring industry.
The word Racing defines the business’s soul – its adrenaline, its ambition, it’s aspiration to be better than the rest.
The energy on the floor, the raciness of the product and the excitement customers experience. And just to add to this, the can-do attitude – everybody knows that Citton Cars rules Motor Town!
Citton Cars understands that men and women are different, that life happens, that needs change and that people are exactly that … just people. So between the thrill of racing through life and cycling through a few different cars as life happens the spirit of the brand remained unchanged through the years.
The brand promise to take care of its customers by providing better cars, better service, better experiences, better everything … remains the most important focus. If your heart happens to skip a beat, because you just fell in love with your dream car or if your adrenaline is pumping, because of that racy number you just drove off the showroom floor, one thing is clear – Citton Cars is the better way to buy and sell cars!