The evolution of the Jeep badge

Dec 2020

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The evolution of the Jeep badge

The Jeep brand is one of the few that has managed to become a household name for four-wheel enthusiasts.  One of the most iconic automobile manufacturers in the USA, few brands conjure up such images of uninhibited freedom and rugged durability as Jeep. Since 1944, the brand has been producing powerful, tough vehicles for both military and civilian use. In recent years, the brand has enjoyed a tremendous amount of commercials success.


Originally, Willys Motors manufactured military cars and it did not have a badge. The US Army decided to replace a traditional sidecar motorcycle and create a new mobile transport vehicle. In 1939, the Willys Overland company provided the first drawings of the car, which would become the famous and powerful Jeep known all over the world.  The name Jeep was registered in 1950 as an international trademark.


The first Jeep logo appeared in 1963. It was placed in the centre of the Wagoneer and Gladiator car models. At the same time the company changed its name from Willys Motors to Keizer Jeep, and Jeep was separated into the autonomous brand. The circle of two quarters gold and two quarters red with the name “Jeep” in the middle became the first badge.

The complete Jeep logo looks like a car’s grill in between two circles that are meant to represent headlights. It’s a design that is distinctly different from logos used by most car brands who make use of ovals, circles and shields in their logo designs. The brand uses a Helvetica Bold typeface for the font used to spell out “Jeep”.  



Little is known about the history of the Jeep logo, an, for a period of time, the logo didn’t even appear on Jeep vehicles. Instead, only the name “Jeep” appeared. Although Jeep eventually began placing their logo on their cars, recent models have reverted to only including the brand name.

Throughout almost all of its history, the Jeep logo featured in black, with laconicism and minimalism being the distinguishing factors. After all, the main thing was neither luxury nor extra comfort. The modern logo is silvery, emphasising the established Jeep brand style.

I live. I ride. I am Jeep. The brand’s all-conquering, rugged cars will take you places you never thought possible – on-road and off-road.

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