The difference between factory warranty, service plan and maintenance plan.

Oct 2018

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What are the benefits of having a factory warranty?
Virtually all car manufacturers offer a factory warranty plan on new vehicles. A factory warranty usually includes a new vehicle limited warranty plan, sometimes referred to as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. A factory warranty pays to repair any flaws and defects in factory-installed parts.
What are the benefits of our Service Plans?
Your servicing costs are fixed and provided for so you don’t have to feel the pinch of regular servicing costs when your vehicle is due for its next scheduled service. You don’t have to worry about inflation, parts or labour cost increases. Fixed, affordable monthly costs.
What are the benefits of having a maintenance plan?
It covers all aspects of maintenance and servicing, keeping your vehicle running better for longer and protecting you against unexpected repair bills and other costs. The plan doesn’t just cover routine servicing, but also unscheduled repairs, parts, labour and wear and tear.