6 fuel savings tips to help you save money

Apr 2019

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With the every changing and increasing petrol and fuel price – saving petrol costs influences us all in our purchase of new and used vehicles.  If it was so simple we would all just automatically save money using the same tactics.
So here are our tips for you.  We use these at Citton Cars Gezina and want you to get the same benefits.

Our 6 Tips Are:

A low mileage pre-owned car,
like any newer car, inevitably has a better fuel consumption than the same car 10 years ago. With almost all cars, world-wide fuel-economy is a strong selling and eco-friendly point. So, the average fuel savings of newer cars sold has never been higher.  This means that every newer car you buy in the future will be more fuel-efficient than a similar car today (not to mention safer).
How you drive and how fast you drive matters! The way you drive is often the main reason why people say – “your fuel usage will depend on a few things” well this is one of them. When you pull away, accelerate gently and as smooth as you can.  When stopping – look ahead, in fact a couple of cars ahead and take your foot off the petrol and coast to a stop.  You waste money braking at the last minute. Also keep your highway and freeway speed constant – no hard pushing is needed. Gentle and slow, as if there is an egg under your pedal. Last thing is to drive in the slow lanes – always – you will be stunned how much you save because you are under the speed limit – 110km/h versus 128km/h.
The game is to improve your lower numbers to save petrol and money. Sounds confusing? Well you save more petrol money to improve a car from 10 to 15 kilometres per litre.  For example – if you can replace your old 10-KPL bakkie with a newer 15-KPL Single cab, you’ll save 5 Litres every 100 KM.
Fill Your tank, when you are a quarter to half empty. You lose fumes and you lose fuel.  Besides it is easier on your pocket each and every time – so you can pay cash and save on card and bank fees.
Keep you tyres pumped properly and wheels aligned. Flat tyres and badly aligned wheels increase your petrol consumption and makes driving dangerous.
Maintain your car regularly. Having a warranty and service plan is essential. We provide both an extended warranty and service plan and understand that the more mileage your car covers and the older it gets, the more often you’ll need to service it.  Our warranty will absorb a large portion of the repair bills when such times arise.
With these tips in mind, we hope to help save you money as the fuel price continues to rise. Drive safely!