The best time for me to sell my car

Dec 2020

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Selling your car quickly is much easier these days, but when and for how much you sell your car is a different story.
The day the insight “I want to sell my car” hits you, make sure to refer to our useful guidance below:

When is the right time?

Lifestyle changes

Think about it. Your way of living may change drastically when relocating. You may not realise it then, but your motoring needs may also be part of the transformation mix. For example, if you have relocated to the countryside and hardly drive anymore, it might be time to think about selling your car. One gets much more from letting go of a car than just the cash though. You will be ridding yourself of payments associated with fuel, your annual registration, service fees and insurance. It may also be a case of needing a different make that goes with your lifestyle change. This could be a smaller car for urban living or a 4×4 for country roads.

Mechanical problems

We all know that nothing lasts forever. Cars, like many materialistic things, devalue with age. As your car gets older, it may break down more frequently and need to be serviced more than once a year. It can become very costly to hold on to your beloved sedan. As soon as you realise that you are spending huge amounts of cash on repeated repairs, it is time to "sell my car".

Fast cash!

In contemporary times, people’s priorities are shifting. Many are now embracing other means of transport and are even carpooling in communities. It may be time for you to let go of the unused in your life and replace it with something close to your heart. The cash you get from your car sale will provide that push in the right direction.

How do I determine value when I sell my car?

Now that you have finally decided to sell your car, it is very good to know the various factors that affect your car’s value before you approach a reputable dealership, such as Citton Cars, for the sale.

Market research

Have a look online what other used cars similar to yours in make, year and mileage are selling for. There are many car websites to research from and be sure to check out those in your own country and currency. Remember that the cars listed for sale on these sites still need to be sold and therefore the prices only give you a ballpark figure.

Value estimation

Of course, the quickest and easiest route to pre-determine the value of your car is to peruse the many free car value estimator tools available online. At Citton Cars, you only need to complete a quick online form here, upload your car photos and we will revert with a value estimate in a jiffy. Remember that these are only estimations, as other contributing factors, such as the car’s condition, still need to be taken into consideration.

Age is more than a number

Your car’s age makes the biggest difference to its overall value. Only speciality and vintage cars increase in value after purchase. Also take into consideration that the more mileage on your car, the lower the value. The average car travels around 14 000 km per year. So, if you have travelled more than this, expect the value to be lower than average. To keep you motoring partner’s value high, be sure to keep a logbook and don’t lag on any service dates. If there are stains in the car or a cigarette smell, expect a lower price. The same goes for the exterior – polish up those scratches and have the dents seen to.

What time is best to sell my car?

Sell during spring and summer months

Spring marks new beginnings and summer is an energetic time for getting things done and dusted. This includes wanting to start afresh with a new car. This is also the reason why property agents prefer to show houses during these two seasons of the year. Try and put your car up for sale at the beginning of spring and up to mid-December before people go on holiday.

Know when the right target market is more likely to buy

It goes without saying that sports cars will sell easier in the warmer months. Students like to buy cars over the holiday period and at the end of a long year’s studies – so from November through to February. It’s just a matter of using your common sense and knowing who would like your type of car.

Check the petrol price

If the cost of petrol is at a record high, you will find that it is harder to sell your large, fuel-consuming car. If you are selling a small, fuel-efficient city slicker during this period, you will find that you receive many more enquiries.

Choose to be at the right place at the right time

And there is no better place than Citton Cars – the better way to buy and sell cars. Sell your car to us by simply completing our quick form online. One of our friendly buyers will contact you, take you through our very easy process, and make you an offer. You will have the right amount of cash for your car in your pocket at no time!