Sell your car to a dealership for peace of mind

Dec 2020

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You may think that you will get more money when you sell your car privately. There are, however, many pitfalls when you go at it alone. Selling your car through a reputable dealership, such as Citton Cars in Pretoria, can save you time, money and lots of trouble. Here are three reasons why you should rather choose the dealership route. 1. Time and effort When you sell your car privately, it involves a lot of time researching online platforms and possible advertising avenues. In the end, you will spend many wasted hours interacting with potential buyers, which ultimately amounts to wasted money. Think about all the steps you have to take to sell your car, including obtaining a roadworthy certificate and having repairs done to meet legal safety standards. Then you need to take some high-resolution photos and upload them on your chosen online platform. Once you’ve received some enquiries from potential buyers, you will have to arrange test drives, negotiate the selling price and finally transfer the registration over to the new owner. On the other hand, when selling to a reputable dealer, you just need to drive your car there and the only paperwork you need to bring is your ownership documents, proof of identity and registration papers. Within 45 minutes you’ll walk out with on-the-spot money in your bank account. Citton Cars’ transactions are 100% risk- and hassle-free. 2. Security Personal safety is one of the biggest concerns of our modern age. When you embark on the journey of selling your car by yourself, you may encounter some dubious characters. Apart from the tyre kickers, there may also be “buyers” with bad intentions who contact you to view the car. You might meet them at your home, which gives them the opportunity to survey your property. This, unfortunately, invites criminal activity from the wrong people and your safety is compromised. Another scenario is that an “interested buyer” takes your car for a test drive and give his or her driving license as security when it, in actual fact, is a counterfeit, leaving you with nothing more than a fake name and no car as they drive away never to return. It may also happen that the price negotiations between yourself and the interested party turn sour and they become aggressive during your encounter. None of the above scenarios will be an issue when you make the wise choice of selling your car to a reputable dealership. Citton Cars’ friendly and professional sales staff will take you through the process without any stress or risk to your safety. We are reputable because our owners and management abide by industry standards and the country’s laws, and we only have your best interest at heart. 3. Trade-in When you sell your car, there’s a good chance that you are doing it to buy another one. If you are in the position to trade-in the car for another at the used cars dealership, you have a much better chance to negotiate a better buying price. This is because two deals are being done in one transaction. Generally, you’ll trade in your old car for a newer, more expensive one. You will then pay the difference – either by paying the extra money to the dealership or by taking out finance on the new car. When you sell your car to the dealership Now that we have looked at the reasons why you should rather take the dealership route when you sell your car, here are a few tips to keep in mind: Know your car’s value Ensure that you do a couple of online valuations to establish a ballpark figure to aim for once you arrive at the dealer’s showroom. Be ready to negotiate There is no specific price that the dealer “should” pay for your car. So, if you enter the dealership armed with the online research you did beforehand, the chances are much better to get the selling price you want for your car. Make sure your car is as tidy and clean as possible Be sure to remove all the rubbish in your vehicle. Ensure that your car is spotless and looking great – it will thank you by fetching a better price at the dealership!

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