The supercars of childhood dreams

May 2014

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If you are looking for a masterpiece of panache and performance –a characteristic profile that radiates control in ever ardently handcrafted inch, prowling the tar whilst announcing that you have reached your destination. These cars are childhood dreams that are unquestionably reserved for a handful of owners as it comes with a price tag that is reserved for a selective few; we are referring to none other than performance cars.

Ferrari – appetite for the flourishing horse:

It is no secret that we are worlds from the Ferrari factory which is situated in Maranello, Italy, but did you know that Gauteng is the home to the oldest Ferrari Owners’ club?
The Ferrari Club in Gauteng was formally established in 1967.
The name SEFAC is the acronym for Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobile Club, which was given to the club by its founder, the late Pierre Bastiaan Kelfkens. There is an addition of an “I” instead of the usual “a” in the word equatorial which represents the equine connection.
It is interesting to learn that there are in the region of about 450 devoted Ferrari members that belong to the club.
To belong to SEFAC you can either be a “captain” in the industry, or a mere lover of these supercars.
Annual membership costs in the region of R750.00 and includes a beautiful glossy mag as well as many exciting annual events.
Naturally one of the highlights of being a member of SEFAC is that drivers are able to personally experience the high performance and speed at Kyalami Race track.
While those that have the cash to fund the consumption of performance cars, the number of individuals will make up less than a sliver of the population, although South Africa is emerging as an important market for many supercar brands. South Africa is ranked among the top 15 Ferrari markets worldwide and a SA dealership has been selected to launch the Aston Martin Vanquish. The South African market is a growing region for Lamborghini which is currently similar in size to some of Lamborghini’s lesser markets, for example Middle East markets.
While many of us long for a garage full of high-end horse power, it is simply out of reach for the majority of many ordinary individuals. At Citton Cars it is our mission to make supercars and exotic vehicles available to a far wider audience as we have many of these vehicles on our books.
We offer car enthusiasts a plethora of performance cars to park in their garages;
2008 Porsche Cayenne GTS second hand, R578 999

2008 Porsche Cayenne GTS at R578, 999

2007 Jaguar XK R Coupe second hand, R449 999

2007 Jaguar XK R Coupe which we are selling for R449, 999.

Although these are only two of the many exotic vehicles and supercars we have to offer, we have a much wider range to choose from.