Setting the standard through our Training Academy.

Mar 2017

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When bad service becomes the norm, offering a service, any service really, becomes excellent, but what is excellent service then, when the bar has been set so low.
Raising the industry standard is not something we strive for. It is something we insist on because everyone has a right to be heard, to feel valued, and looked after.
At Citton Cars, we have six core focus areas that drive our business to excel at service delivery. From an independent dealership franchising perspective, the following focus areas can help you build a robust business.

1. People

We deal with people (not cars), and proper employee training goes a long way to achieving the best business results. We understand that the primary customer is our staff, and if they feel valued, they will make your clientele feel valued and appreciated.

2. Product/Offering

We provide a robust, end-to-end offering that serves the client with the right value proposition, at the right time and the right place. We appreciate our client’s needs and ensure we have the service offering that exceeds their expectations.

3. Process

Our business administration and operational processes ensures that we are geared towards success. We know that a successful acquisition stems from the ability to match a client’s needs to the right offer.
This is achieved by utilising our unique approach to fulfil the needs of each individual customer.

4. Pouch

We are conscientious of the financial constraints within our sector and manage our own finances very tightly. In doing so, we have streamlined our business strategy and are extremely efficient, and this bodes well for the client.

5. Strategy

By continuously pivoting our business model to ensure that it meets and exceeds the changing demand of the market and our customers, we continue to provide our clients with a value-adding service offering.

6. Leadership

We have strong and accessible leadership in the company who provide a central driving force to keep the business relevant and who are available and ready to serve additional client needs.

Trickle down

Our staff receive a mix of on-the-job, technical and professional training, dependent on their role and function within the company. We ensure that they live, breathe and embody the core values and strategies of the business. By focusing on teamwork, we have cultivated a culture of trust and respect. We are dedicated to providing an innovative work environment to mine outstanding commitment from each and every person we employ.
The passion and mentorship of our leadership inevitably trickle down to our customers, which is why they trust us enough to be awarded the Best Independent Car Dealership of the Year Award in 2016. Our clients often travel far to come to our showroom and deserve our best attention at all times.

Value Proposition

The most critical aspect of our business is to qualify the buyer. The client wants to know that you know exactly what you’re talking about and using their needs and expectations to put them into a vehicle that meets their needs, their affordability and aspirational expectations they may have. And we listen.
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