4 Essentials to Know Your Car is ready for Summer Driving

Jan 2015

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A car owner needs to have their car in the right condition before they undertake a journey, especially with a change in season looming ahead. A family weekend or camping with friends during summer should not be about you worrying of breakdowns. Consider the following when planning your travel to see that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Car Tires

Being oblivious to the fact that tires are liable to damage from wear and tear is not a good idea. A properly maintained tire is regularly rotated and inflated. Don’t just fill them up w
th the maximum pressure listed on the tire itself; refer to the owner’s manual to know what’s best for your car.i
The same thing goes for the spare tires too. After all, a backup in case of an emergency is as good as the condition it’s kept in.

Under the Bonnet

itYou may have been up to date with regular maintenance, but pop open the hood to check a few essentials. For most people, keeping up with the cooling system is a prior
y. Ideally, the coolant needs to be changed on an annual basis. If you are thinking of the DIY approach, remember to (a) not open the radiator cap if the engine is hot; and (b) to replace it with a 50:50 mixture of water and antifreeze. Additionally, verify that the belts and hosts are intact and do not have fraying, cracks, or excessive softness because they help avoid overheating for your car.
Second, park the car on level ground, turn off the motor and let the engine cool before you inspect the oil level. You’d need to change or restock it if it’s dirty or low. Third, if the air filters, supposed to be changed after 12,000 miles, are clogged, they need to be changed for improved fuel efficiency. Fourth, prevent damage to the battery structure by keeping it both clean and cool.

Other Details

While they may not be deemed as important as the above mentioned, you’d not be regretting it later.
Drive a car with a clean undercarriage, more so if you had just survived a snowy winter, to remove the buildup and allow your car to cool properly.
Air conditioning is just as effective for aerodynamic driving as it is in reducing fatigue for driver. Fix it.
Windshield wipers that have had a hard time removing ice and snow should be replaced, more so if summer rain predictions are already pouring in.
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